The BBC has given the green light to “Reunion,” an emotional thriller that promises to captivate audiences with its tale of revenge and redemption. The four-part series, commissioned for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, will follow the journey of Brennan, a deaf man determined to make amends for his past while uncovering the truth behind his imprisonment.

Written by William Mager, a deaf writer hailing from Sheffield, and produced by Warp Films, “Reunion” is set against the backdrop of Sheffield and Doncaster. Mager, who also serves as an executive producer, brings a unique perspective to the project, drawing from his own experiences as a member of the deaf community.

The series revolves around Brennan, portrayed as a man torn between two worlds—the hearing world, which he struggles to integrate into, and the deaf community, which has shunned him. His sole connection to the outside world is his estranged daughter Ellen, whom he hasn’t seen in over a decade due to his incarceration.

One of the most notable aspects of “Reunion” is its commitment to inclusive storytelling. The majority of the cast is deaf or fluent in British Sign Language (BSL), providing an authentic representation of deaf culture on screen. Additionally, the production team has made a conscious effort to provide opportunities for deaf crew members, furthering the series’ commitment to inclusivity.

William Mager, speaking about the project, expressed his desire to address complex issues within the deaf community while avoiding common stereotypes. He aims to educate audiences about the deaf experience through the lens of a mystery thriller, showcasing the talent of deaf actors and challenging traditional storytelling norms.

Mark Herbert, an executive producer at Warp Films, praised “Reunion” as more than just a drama, calling it a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge divides. The series, he believes, has the potential to redefine television narratives and spark important conversations about representation and inclusivity.

Gwen Gorst, another executive producer on the project, commended Mager’s script for its emotional depth and authenticity. She believes that “Reunion” has the potential to resonate with audiences on a profound level, thanks to its honest portrayal of redemption and family bonds.

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, expressed her excitement about the series, highlighting its emotionally resonant storytelling and groundbreaking approach to representation. She looks forward to seeing Mager’s vision come to life on screen and believes that “Reunion” has the potential to make a lasting impact on viewers.

“Reunion,” a Warp Films production, is set to begin filming later this spring, with the cast yet to be announced. International distribution will be handled by BBC Studios, ensuring that Mager’s powerful storytelling reaches audiences worldwide.