The BBC has unveiled plans for a thrilling new crime drama titled “This City is Ours,” set to captivate audiences with its intense narrative crafted by renowned writer Stephen Butchard. Produced by Left Bank Pictures, known for hits such as “The Crown” and “Quiz,” the series is slated for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, promising an immersive eight-part storyline filmed against the backdrop of Liverpool. International distribution will be handled by Sony Pictures Television.

“This City is Ours” delves into the life of Michael, a seasoned figure in organized crime whose world is turned upside down when love enters his life for the first time. As Michael navigates the complexities of his romantic relationship with Diana, viewers will witness the unravelling of his criminal empire, compounded by the disappearance of a crucial drug shipment from Colombia.

The drama intensifies when Jamie, the ambitious son of Michael’s partner Ronnie, stakes his claim to the criminal enterprise, setting the stage for a power struggle that threatens to tear apart everything Michael holds dear. Amidst themes of family, ambition, and betrayal, the series explores the lengths individuals will go to in order to secure their positions of power.

Stephen Butchard, This City is Ours creator, lead writer and executive producer says: “I’m so excited to be working with the brilliant Left Bank and the wonderful commissioning team at BBC Drama. Set in the very real, chilling, but mostly unseen universe of organised crime, This City is Ours is a story of love, greed, ambition and power – and what we will do to seize and hold on to that power.”

Andy Harries, CEO of Left Bank Pictures and executive producer on This City is Ours says: “This City is Ours is a visceral, gripping dynastic tale from one of the UK’s most exciting writers. The scripts pack a real punch and we’re thrilled that the BBC have given the series their backing.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama says: “This City is Ours is character-driven crime drama that demands to be seen. Stephen Butchard’s vibrant and propulsive scripts offer a new take on the genre, mixing power politics with the brutality of gang life. It’s drama at its most tense!”

“This City is Ours” has been commissioned for an eight-episode run under the direction of Saul Dibb, with Simon Maloney producing and an ensemble of talented executive producers steering the project to fruition. Filming is set to commence in Liverpool, with additional scenes slated for Spain later this year, promising audiences a captivating journey into the heart of organized crime.