BBC Factual has unveiled “Parenthood,” a captivating five-part natural history series set to premiere on BBC One and iPlayer. Delving into the intricate world of parenthood in the animal kingdom, the series promises to unveil the remarkable strategies and cunning tactics employed by animal parents to ensure the survival of their young amidst a backdrop of perilous challenges.

Set against the backdrop of nature’s most unforgiving landscapes, “Parenthood” showcases the extraordinary lengths to which animal parents will go to provide their offspring with a fighting chance in life. From the awe-inspiring spectacle of Orcas schooling their young in the art of hunting Blue Whales to the heartwarming sight of Orangutans teaching their offspring domestic skills like bed-making, and the nail-biting drama of Hippo families braving the perils of the African night, each episode promises a riveting adventure into the wild.

Much like human parents, animal caregivers exhibit a spectrum of emotions and behaviours, ranging from tender care and patience to moments of frustration and folly. Witness the unwavering dedication of elephant mothers as they guide their calves to water sources, the self-sacrifice of Cardinalfish fathers who shelter their fry within their own mouths, and the remarkable resilience of lion pride as they adopt and nurture orphaned cubs into formidable hunters.

Produced by Silverback Films, the acclaimed creators behind such wildlife documentaries as “Wild Isles,” “The Hunt,” and “The Mating Game,” in collaboration with All3Media International, “Parenthood” has been meticulously crafted over three years across six continents, utilising state-of-the-art 8k filming technology to capture never-before-seen behaviours and emotions of animal parents and their young.

Commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning for Specialist Factuals at BBC, “Parenthood” is helmed by multiple BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning Silverback Films. Jeff Wilson serves as Series Producer and Director, under the executive production of Keith Scholey, with Tara Knowles managing production. Overseeing the project for BBC is Sreya Biswas, Head of Natural History, who spearheaded the commissioning of this groundbreaking series.

Don’t miss “Parenthood” (5×60), a captivating exploration of the trials and triumphs of animal parenthood, coming soon to BBC One and iPlayer.