Today’s weather forecast:

Rain, at times heavy, will extend from northeast England to southwest Wales. There is a possibility of snow over higher elevations in the northern Pennines by the evening. Other areas will be drier but mostly cloudy. Breezy conditions can be expected around western coasts. Temperatures will be mild for most regions, with a chillier atmosphere in Scotland.

The rain will persist in the mentioned regions, and there may be an increase in intensity. Snowfall over higher grounds in the northern Pennines could continue. The rest of the areas will remain mostly dry but cloudy. Breezy conditions, particularly along the western coasts, will continue. Despite the cloud cover, temperatures will remain mild, with Scotland experiencing cooler conditions.

Rain, including heavy spells, will continue in the northeast England to southwest Wales corridor. The likelihood of snow over higher grounds in the northern Pennines persists into the evening. The rest of the regions will maintain dry conditions but remain largely cloudy. Breezy winds around western coasts will continue. Mild temperatures will prevail, although Scotland will experience cooler temperatures, especially in higher elevations.

The heaviest rain will gradually ease overnight, leaving behind a cloudy but occasionally drizzly night for much of Wales, northern England, and southern Scotland. Frosty conditions are expected in Northern Ireland and northern Scotland.

Tuesday will start with drizzle in some areas, but conditions will ease by the afternoon. Cloud cover will begin to break, allowing for plenty of sunny spells in many regions, though some clouds may persist in the southeast.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:
Weather conditions are expected to turn wet and windy from Wednesday onward, with severe gales likely in the northwest. Unsettled conditions will persist on Thursday, though the wind is not expected to be as intense. Despite the unsettled weather, temperatures will remain very mild throughout the week.