This Evening and Tonight: Expect the night to remain predominantly cloudy with intermittent showers, particularly over elevated areas in the west. It will be a breezy night, especially over the western hills. The minimum temperature is forecasted to be around 7 °C.

Wednesday: Wednesday will bring overcast conditions with periods of rain, especially over the western hills. The rain may transition to drizzle in the afternoon. The morning will be breezy, but winds are expected to ease as the day progresses. Look for a maximum temperature of 10 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Thursday will kick off with a bright start, but anticipate widespread rain arriving by the afternoon. Moving into Friday, conditions are expected to become drier and brighter. However, the respite will be short-lived as more rain and wind are forecasted to make an appearance on Saturday. Keep an eye on the changing weather patterns throughout the week.