Today’s weather forecast:

A cloudy and wet day is expected, with rain persisting throughout the day for most areas. The rain is likely to be heavy at times, and although winds will be light initially, they may become a little breezy later in the day. It will feel chilly in the north, with a maximum temperature of 8 °C.

Tonight, the rain will continue through the evening, occasionally heavy at first before easing overnight. The rain will become more patchy through the early hours, and winds will gradually ease. The minimum temperature is expected to drop to 3 °C.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the day will start off cloudy with drizzle, but this will slowly clear to the southeast. Dry, sunny, and cool conditions will gradually spread to all areas from the northwest, with a maximum temperature of 8 °C.

The outlook for Wednesday to Friday includes strong and gusty winds on Wednesday, accompanied by occasionally heavy rain overnight. Thursday will begin bright, but wind and rain will arrive later in the day, continuing into Friday. The rain will be mostly on western hills. Temperatures are expected to become milder during this period.