The BBC has announced the commissioning of “Mint,” an unconventional drama revolving around the intricacies of a crime family, from the acclaimed writer and filmmaker Charlotte Regan. Regan, known for her recent BAFTA-nominated film “Scrapper,” brings her unique storytelling style to this eight-part series, which promises to delve into the depths of love, darkness, humour, heartbreak, and eccentricity within the confines of a criminal milieu.

Unlike typical crime dramas, “Mint” opts to explore the dynamics of the family from an unusual perspective, shifting the spotlight away from the stereotypical figures like the godfather or the heavy, and instead focusing on the children, the mother, and the grandmother. This narrative choice aims to unravel the complexities of living in proximity to criminality and the challenges faced when one is compelled to take charge.

Speaking about the project, writer and director Charlotte Regan expressed her long-standing fascination with the world of “Mint,” stating, “It’s the project that’s stuck with me endlessly and I could never get it out of my head.” Regan’s excitement about collaborating with the BBC on this venture is palpable, as she looks forward to creating compelling television alongside the network.

Theo Barrowclough, executive producer, says: “Charlotte has found another entirely authored and compelling story in Mint, which has all of the humour and emotional truth that audiences love about her work, alongside a darker edge. Tessa, Juliette and I all feel so excited to be bringing Charlotte’s first original show to the screen, particularly with the support of our brilliant partners at the BBC and Fearless Minds.”

Jolyon Symonds, executive producer, says: “It has been an amazing experience developing Mint with Charlotte, watching the world of the show evolve into something so original and exciting. I’m thrilled to be working with the BBC and my friends at House Productions to bring this special show to the screen.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama adds: “Mint is a crime drama like no other from the brilliant mind of Charlotte Regan and the teams at Fearless Minds and House Productions. Championing the females in the family, it shows a very different side to what a life of crime is really like for those who live alongside that world. I’m over the moon that Charlotte has chosen to work with the BBC on her first TV series.”

“Mint,” comprising eight episodes of 30 minutes each, is a joint production between Fearless Minds and House Productions, two of BBC Studios’ esteemed production labels. Regan serves as the writer, director, and executive producer of the series, with support from Jolyon Symonds, Tessa Ross, Juliette Howell, and Theo Barrowclough in their respective roles as executive producers. The BBC’s executive producer for the project is Rebecca Ferguson.

The commissioning of “Mint” marks the second collaboration between Regan and Barrowclough, following their success with “Scrapper,” which earned Barrowclough the 2023 BIFA Breakthrough Producer Award.

The announcement of “Mint” underscores the BBC’s commitment to delivering innovative and thought-provoking content to its audiences, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in British television.