Scheduled to air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer this March, a gripping new documentary will unveil the harrowing experiences of Ukrainian frontline fighters as they confront the relentless Russian onslaught on Ukraine’s heavily besieged Eastern Front. Offering a character-driven narrative, the documentary provides an intimate perspective of the war as witnessed by those directly engaged in combat.

Titled “Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods” (working title), the documentary has been commissioned by BBC Current Affairs and helmed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jamie Roberts, renowned for his previous works such as “Escape from Kabul,” “Four Hours at the Capitol,” and “The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty.” Executive produced by BAFTA-award winner Jonathan Smith, the film promises an unfiltered portrayal of the conflict.

Boasting unprecedented access to the closely guarded frontlines, “Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods” captures the endeavours of a Ukrainian assault company during a pivotal deployment along one of Ukraine’s most volatile battlefronts: a snow-clad forest near Kupyansk. Tasked with safeguarding a crucial railway line, the company stands as a bulwark against Russian encroachment towards Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

Spanning nine weeks of intense filming, the documentary delves into the lives of the 99-strong military unit as they confront relentless Russian assaults. Through a combination of footage shot by the soldiers themselves, observational filming, and candid interviews, the film paints a starkly human portrait of Europe’s deadliest conflict in recent memory.

By offering an intimate glimpse into the daily struggles of frontline fighters, “Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods” lays bare the motivations driving these individuals and the profound toll exacted by the brutal conflict. It raises poignant questions about the elusive nature of victory amidst the chaos of war. From hand-dug bunkers to fierce gun battles, viewers will witness the raw reality of combat.

Marking the debut of HOYO Films, a London-based independent production company founded by Jamie Roberts, “Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods” underscores the company’s commitment to crafting impactful narratives centred around individuals caught in the throes of global events. Commissioned by BBC Current Affairs and distributed worldwide by All3Media International, the documentary promises to offer audiences a compelling insight into one of the most pressing crises of our time.