West Yorkshire Police has issued a warning following a series of anti-social behaviour incidents involving gel blasters or gel guns in recent days. The force has received numerous reports of individuals being hit by discharges from these toys, which fire gel or water pellets.

Arrests have been made across West Yorkshire in response to the reckless and anti-social use of gel guns. Additionally, Section 59 warnings have been issued against suspects discharging the weapons from vehicles.

T/Assistant Chief Constable Ed Chesters expressed concern, stating, “We have seen a number of reports of incidents across West Yorkshire where people are being hit by gel or water pellets.” While no serious injuries have been reported, Chesters emphasised the potential for harm these gel guns possess.

“These gel guns are proving to be a nuisance in our communities, and I would urge anyone thinking of using them recklessly or anti-socially to think again as they may face arrest,” Chesters warned.

Neighbourhood officers are also taking steps to visit establishments that sell pellet guns, reminding owners of their responsibilities in selling these items. Although gel guns are not exclusively used by children, parents are being urged to closely monitor how their children handle them.

Furthermore, T/ACC Chesters highlighted the concern that these items, due to their appearance, could be mistaken for real firearms when used irresponsibly, causing fear and alarm among the public. He emphasised that imitation firearms have no place in their communities.

West Yorkshire Police encourages individuals to report any incidents by calling 101 or visiting www.westyorkshire.police.uk/101livechat.

As the use of gel blasters continues to pose a threat to public safety, authorities are urging the community to exercise caution and responsible use of these toys, ensuring the well-being and security of all residents in West Yorkshire.