Bradford Council’s Executive is set to receive a comprehensive update on the recent assessment of Intermediate Care Services, jointly conducted by Bradford Council and local NHS partners. Intermediate care encompasses a spectrum of services designed to facilitate individuals in remaining at home for extended periods, thereby averting hospitalization or hastening discharge from the hospital and aiding in the restoration of independence.

Central to the review was the exploration of the enhanced ‘Home First’ model, aimed at enabling older adults to maintain residence in their homes through more responsive services. Moreover, this model seeks to alleviate the congestion of hospital beds by minimizing the number of individuals awaiting direct discharge to their homes, a preference repeatedly voiced by the public. By adopting this approach, not only will hospital resources be optimally utilized for urgent medical needs, but individuals will also experience better health outcomes within their home environment.

Iain Macbeath, Strategic Director, Adult Social Care & Health for Bradford Council said, “This blueprint for Intermediate Care means we’ll change our offer and provide what people tell us they want – to get home independently wherever possible.

“As part of the re-modelling, proposals have been made to close Thompson Court and Norman Lodge care homes on a permanent basis. These homes do not have any long-term residents in residence there”.