In a concerted effort to prioritize child seatbelt safety, Kirklees District Police carried out a rigorous campaign resulting in the apprehension of over 30 drivers in just one week. The operation, funded by local Kirklees councillors and conducted as part of a National Seatbelt Operation, aimed to ensure the safety of children travelling in vehicles.

Roads Policing Officers were stationed outside Thornhill Academy, Overthorpe Junior & Infant, and Thornhill Junior & Infant School, patrolling during drop off and pick up times over a seven-day period in June. Their vigilant efforts revealed alarming negligence among some drivers.

A total of 28 drivers were found to have failed in securing their children properly, either through seat belts or child car seats. These individuals are now facing prosecution for their relevant offences. However, the crackdown yielded an even more startling discovery.

During a routine stop, one motorist was found to have no insurance, MOT, or road tax. Further inspection revealed a shocking cache of 15 bags containing suspected cocaine, alongside a significant amount of cash. The male driver was promptly arrested at the scene for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

Chief Inspector Rebecca Calpin of Kirklees District Police emphasized the critical importance of seatbelt usage and properly securing children in vehicles. “Wearing a seatbelt or being placed in a correctly fitted child seat can really mean the difference between life and death or at least serious injury for a child unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision,” she stated firmly.

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support received from schools and parents during the campaign, Chief Inspector Calpin highlighted the need for heightened awareness regarding basic car safety measures. “This initiative has given us the opportunity to remind drivers just how important it is to follow these basic car safety steps,” she added.

The West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit and local councillors were commended for their collaboration and assistance in carrying out the operation. Chief Inspector Calpin assured residents that the police force remains dedicated to tackling this issue and ensuring the safety of young passengers on the roads.

As the community reflects on the significance of child seatbelt safety, the shocking discovery of suspected cocaine during the campaign serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough enforcement and vigilance in all aspects of road safety.