National Offer Day for secondary school places has brought joy to families in Kirklees, as an impressive 97.8 percent have secured spots in one of their top three preferred schools. The pinnacle of this achievement is the remarkable 90.9 percent who clinched their coveted first preference – marking the highest figure in the past decade.

This year witnessed a total of 5592 applications from parents, anticipating their children’s transition to secondary school for Year 7 commencing in September 2024. Encouragingly, all those who submitted timely applications have secured a placement.

Breaking down the statistics reveals that 5081 local families, accounting for 90.9 percent of applicants, attained a place at their first-choice school. Additionally, 316 families (5.7 percent) and 74 families (1.3 percent) were successful in securing their second and third preferences, respectively.

Councillor Viv Kendrick, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said:
“It’s wonderful news that 97.8 percent of local families with children heading off to secondary school in September have been matched with one of their preferred choices. I’m especially pleased to hear the number of families being offered a first preference has increased to a ten-year high of 90.9 percent.

“Whilst moving up to secondary school is a special time for families, it can feel like a big step for children, so the smooth transition to a preferred placement goes a long way to helping them settle quickly into the new learning environment.

“Our schools are at the very heart of the communities they serve. They do a great job in supporting children to have the best start in life and encourage students to achieve their full potential. I am particularly grateful to those schools offering additional places to help ensure we have sufficient places while the Year 7 population level remains high.

“I’d like to thank the school admissions team and everyone else involved who’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help make this happen.

“I’d also like to wish all students the very best as they begin their secondary school journey this September.”