Wakefield Council is reaching out to local residents and businesses, urging them to participate in shaping the future of Castleford and unlocking a substantial £20 million funding allocation earmarked for the town’s development.

This funding, allocated by the Government, comes with the condition that the Council presents detailed plans illustrating how the money will be utilised by the deadline of 1 August 2024.

Unlike a lump sum, the £20 million will be dispersed gradually, facilitating ongoing development over the next decade.

Cllr Michael Graham, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth; “We’re keen to hear from anyone who lives or works in Castleford about what improvements they think could be made in the town.

“This will build on the exciting projects already underway in Castleford as part of the £23m Towns Fund deal. This includes opening up the riverside and a new skills and flexible working hub, as well as general improvements to the local area.

“It’s a really positive time for the town so get involved and help us shape its future.”

The Council’s priorities include enhancing safety and security, implementing transport-focused initiatives to improve connectivity, and undertaking projects aimed at preserving the town’s heritage and revitalising its high streets.

To ensure inclusivity, the Council is providing an opportunity for all residents to contribute to the decision-making process regarding Castleford’s future. Those interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas on how the additional funding could be best utilised are encouraged to visit casregen.commonplace.is.