In a collaborative effort orchestrated by the Bradford East Area Co-ordinators Office, a coalition comprising Incommunities, West Yorkshire Police, and Highways descended upon Ravenscliffe for a day of community action last week.

Residents and partnering organisations united forces to spearhead a comprehensive clean-up initiative throughout the area. Simultaneously, the council’s Highways team conducted thorough inspections of vehicles, while Incommunities diligently scrutinised properties, with additional support earmarked for residents in need.

The collective endeavour yielded significant outcomes:

  • Highways Enforcement and West Yorkshire Police impounded ten untaxed vehicles.
  • A staggering 1,760 kilograms of debris was successfully cleared by Incommunities, which notably included 15 discarded tyres and even a television set.
  • Incommunities Housing Officers meticulously inspected 104 properties, flagging maintenance and repair issues for swift resolution.
  • Council Youth Services and Neighbourhood Wardens extended crucial assistance to residents, exemplified by the provision of electric blankets to a family grappling with heating deficiencies.
  • The Council’s Early Help Team sustained its unwavering commitment to bolstering familial support networks within the locality.

Cllr Abdul Jabar, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said: “The results of this day of action show how working together with partners and residents for a common cause can achieve great things. Well done to everyone who took part.”