In a significant stride towards enhancing road safety in Bradford, the latest phase of Bradford Council’s ‘Schools 20mph Zones’ initiative is poised to extend its protective measures to the 50th school within the district. This initiative, a pivotal component of this year’s Safe Roads programme, is meticulously designed to shield vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians, and cyclists, by augmenting safety measures around key educational institutions.

With an additional 11 schools set to benefit from the 20mph zones, the overarching goal is to encourage more individuals to embrace walking and cycling as modes of transportation. The comprehensive plan encompasses a strategic deployment of 20mph zones around various schools, ensuring the safety of journeys to and from educational institutions.

Among the schools included in this expansion are:

  • Newhall Park Primary
  • Rycroft Primary Academy
  • Brackenhill Primary
  • Southmere Primary Academy
  • St Oswalds Primary
  • Worthinghead Primary
  • Buttershaw BEC
  • Reevy Hill Primary
  • Wibsey Primary
  • Denholme Primary
  • Heaton St Barnabus

Following a fruitful consultation phase, the proposed measures are anticipated to be implemented in the upcoming Spring. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Council’s ‘Urban Centres 20mph Zones’ programme, which has successfully introduced similar safety schemes in prominent areas such as the city centre, Barkerend Road, Shipley, and most recently, Ilkley.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “I’m delighted that we’re about to reach 50 schools that are benefiting from our 20mph zone programme. We know that 20mph zones are very effective at protecting our most vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians and cyclists and as one of the youngest cities, creating a safe environment for our children is crucial. Everyone has a right to safe roads and introducing 20mph zones has the potential to bring about a range of health and wellbeing benefits for people in Bradford, particularly children. 20mph zones have not only been shown to save lives but also have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health.”