Bradford Council’s Executive is set to receive a comprehensive briefing on the recent evaluation of Intermediate Care Services, a joint effort between Bradford Council and local NHS partners. Intermediate care encompasses a suite of services designed to facilitate individuals’ ability to remain in their homes for extended periods, thereby averting hospitalization or facilitating earlier discharge, ultimately fostering independence.

In a recent review, health and care partners from various sectors deliberated on the enhanced ‘Home First’ model’s potential to support elderly individuals in remaining at home through more responsive services. This approach also aims to alleviate the burden of hospital waiting times by enabling more direct transitions home, in alignment with expressed preferences. Embracing this strategy is anticipated to free up hospital beds for critical care needs while simultaneously promoting healthier living in the community.

Iain Macbeath, Strategic Director, Adult Social Care & Health for Bradford Council said, “This blueprint for Intermediate Care means we’ll change our offer and provide what people tell us they want – to get home independently wherever possible.

“As part of the re-modelling, proposals have been made to close Thompson Court and Norman Lodge care homes on a permanent basis. These homes do not have any long-term residents in residence there”.