Upcoming on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, delve into the heart of The Idaho Murders with “Trial by TikTok,” a documentary that follows esteemed broadcaster and documentary maker Zara McDermott. Join her as she embarks on a journey to Moscow, Idaho, unravelling the tale of the social media sensation that unfolded in the aftermath of the tragic murders of four students from Idaho University.

Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen met a horrifying fate, brutally stabbed to death in November 2022. Zara’s investigation spans from the initial crime reports to the moment of arrest, delving into how every nuance of the murder inquiry transformed into social media fodder. She engages with those who assume the task of identifying the perpetrator themselves.

Zara initially caught wind of the tragedy through social media channels. As the police grappled with a lack of suspects, motives, weapons, and signs of forced entry for six weeks, she, like millions worldwide, delved deeper into the case. Scouring social platforms for clues and theories, she sought to comprehend the unfolding of such a gruesome crime. With global interest snowballing and nearly 2 billion TikTok views amassed, the unsolved case gripped the world.

Zara McDermott says: “I’ll be investigating the social media interest around the tragic murder case of the University of Idaho students which captured the minds of many around the world. I’m keen to find out why true crime is such a big topic online and the impact on those involved.”

Along her journey, she will meet online true crime sleuths building their own theories about the murders alongside those who were personally affected by the social media storm, leading her to reflect on her own role in the tragedy and learn more about the cause and effect of obsessive online consumption of true crime.

Lucy Hillman, Executive Producer, Summer Films says: “This was a desperately tragic event for the families of the students and the community of Moscow, Idaho. In a world where every high-profile crime will now be scrutinised online, Zara has once again shown her ability to get inside a story with freshness, sensitivity and insight by discovering some of the ambitions and motivations behind the self-styled internet sleuths.”

Nasfim Haque, Head of Content, BBC Three says: “Zara has presented a number of powerful documentaries for BBC Three which relate to young audiences. With her great ability in exploring sensitive subject matters, Zara approaches this film with a deep level of care and understanding for the victims and the case as a whole.”

This marks Zara’s latest venture for BBC Three, building upon her previous impactful documentaries covering various issues affecting the youth in the UK and beyond, all available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Stay tuned for transmission details of “The Idaho Murders: Trial by TikTok,” a one-hour documentary produced by Summer Films for BBC Three and iPlayer, commissioned by Nasfim Haque and Clare Sillery. The executive producers for Summer Films are Damian Kavanagh and Lucy Hillman, while Fran Baker serves as the Commissioning Editor for the BBC.