Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) is poised to unveil a thrilling new attraction just in time for the Easter break. Little Wild Wood, set within the sprawling 500-acre landscape of YSP, promises to captivate visitors young and old alike, further solidifying the charity’s standing as one of Yorkshire’s premier family destinations.

Little Wild Wood, designed with a focus on nature and creativity, has been meticulously crafted within YSP’s verdant expanse, predominantly using sustainable natural materials sourced from the park itself. The project, spearheaded by YSP’s talented Technical Team, incorporates windfall trees, willow, and repurposed picnic benches to fashion an enchanting space for the younger generation.

Nestled adjacent to the main Visitor Centre, Little Wild Wood beckons visitors with its inviting tunnels made of natural willow, leading to a charming willow dome. Inside, families are greeted with teepees for collaborative den-building, tree stump stepping stones, and raised wooden platforms for adventurous exploration. A whimsical wooden house sets the stage for imaginative play, encouraging children to unleash their creativity with natural materials while inventing games and stories.

Renowned local sculptor Brian Fell, whose studio calls YSP home, has generously contributed three towering sculptures to Little Wild Wood—a majestic two-metre-high desert rat, an imposing pineapple, and a captivating 360-degree onion seat—beckoning children to uncover and engage with them.

Director of YSP Clare Lilley said: “We’re really excited by Little Wild Wood and know it’s something our new and regular visitors will love. Creative play is central to YSP’s cause – play at all ages improves our physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being and is an essential element of children’s learning and development.”

This accessible amalgamation of art and nature invites young adventurers to embrace messiness and shape their own playground amidst nature’s embrace. Little Wild Wood complements YSP’s existing offerings, including award-winning galleries, shops, eateries, outdoor sculptures, and picturesque landscapes. It also dovetails with YSP’s Hidden Forest, a permanent outdoor woodland catering specifically to under-5s, hosting special activity sessions on designated dates throughout the year.

With a freedom seldom found in classrooms or homes, Little Wild Wood offers children a haven to create, explore, collaborate, and revel in the joys of unbridled imagination.