West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin has delivered a scathing response to the Spring Budget, denouncing it as a missed opportunity for the government to rectify years of economic mismanagement and austerity. In a statement, Brabin highlighted the urgent need for a comprehensive plan to salvage the nation’s finances, fortify public services, and shield the most vulnerable members of society.

Bemoaning what she perceives as mere surface-level adjustments, the Mayor criticised the budget’s alterations to child benefit, dismissing them as ineffective in tackling child poverty. She also expressed dissatisfaction with the modest increase in NHS funding, deeming it insufficient to make a meaningful impact. Notably absent from the budget, according to Brabin, were provisions for renters and families grappling with unaffordable housing, with only a fleeting extension of support for the nation’s poorest households.

She added; “Whilst we welcome steps towards deeper devolution in England, our hopes for a brighter future are undermined if our councils and public services are left to collapse.”