The BBC has revealed the star-studded cast for “Virdee,” the upcoming crime thriller adapted from the beloved novels by AA Dhand. Currently in production in Bradford, the six-part series is set to air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and is a production of Magical Society.

Heading the cast is Staz Nair, renowned for his roles in “Rebel Moon” and “Game of Thrones,” who will portray Detective Harry Virdee. Aysha Kala, known for her work in “Criminal Record” and “Indian Summers,” takes on the role of Saima Virdee, Harry’s wife. Other key cast members include Nina Singh as Tara Virdee, Vikash Bhai as Riaz Hyatt, Kulvinder Ghir and Sudha Bhuchar as Harry Virdee’s parents, Ranjit and Jyoti.

Set against the backdrop of Bradford, “Virdee” follows the life of Detective Harry Virdee, a cop estranged from his Sikh family due to his marriage to Saima, a Muslim. As his personal life unravels and a serial killer targets the Asian community, Harry must confront his familial past and track down the perpetrator.

When the murderer escalates by kidnapping a police chief’s son, Harry realizes the gravity of the situation and seeks help from his brother-in-law Riaz, a powerful figure in the drug trade. Forced into an uneasy alliance that could jeopardize them both, Harry faces a dilemma: save his family or save the city – a choice he cannot make lightly.

The cast also features Elizabeth Berrington as DS Clare Conway and Danyal Ismail as DS Amin, along with other talented actors contributing to the series. Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, known for his work on “Interstellar” and “The Dark Knight,” will create the title theme in collaboration with James Everingham.

Virdee creator, writer and executive producer AA Dhand says: “A truly diverse cast, with an abundance of talent but most importantly, real passion for this show. Staz Nair brings Harry Virdee authentically to life not only with a real physical presence but also an emotional depth that instantly resonated with us all.”

On playing Harry Virdee, Staz Nair says: “It’s an absolute honour to be taking on this vibrant and complex story about assimilating culture and what we’re willing to do to protect who and what we love. This show leads with vulnerability more than any detective drama I’ve ever seen, and it’s a privilege to be bringing AA Dhand’s hope for his city to life.”

Executive Producer for Magical Society, Paul Trijbits says: “From the moment we acquired the rights to Amit’s book, we set out on a long journey with the highest hopes and ambitions of what an adaptation of his series of Harry Virdee books could deliver. A first mainstream British Asian-led, returning crime series for BBC One, set in the immensely culturally diverse city of Bradford with a fascinating and deeply complex hero at its heart. Amit, who knows, lives and breathes Harry Virdee’s world has brilliantly adapted his books delivering a world that is both authentic and heightened.”

Directed by Mark Tonderai, known for his work on “Doctor Who” and “Foundation,” and executive produced by Paul Trijbits, AA Dhand, and Jo McClellan for the BBC, “Virdee” is a Magical Society production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer in collaboration with Screen Yorkshire. Cineflix Rights holds exclusive worldwide distribution rights outside the UK.

In an innovative collaboration, the show’s creators have teamed up with Bradford Council to establish Screen Academy Bradford. This initiative provides training programs across all TV production departments, offering aspiring individuals the opportunity to learn and work in the TV industry. Details of this year’s Screen Academy cohort can be found here.