Local residents are being advised to avoid the football pitch at Harold Parks for the foreseeable future, as authorities delve into the cause of a small sinkhole that has emerged, prompting a 7m2 section of the area to be cordoned off.

The Coal Authority has taken the reins of the investigation, deploying experts to determine the root cause of the sinkhole, which has become a cause for concern among locals.

A Council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately a hole has appeared in the middle of the football pitch. We are supporting the Coal Authority to undertake exploratory works to ascertain the cause and remedy the issue.

“Every precaution has been taken to ensure that the area is safe and secure and not accessible by residents.

“Football matches due to take place have been re-arranged at different locations and organisers informed.

“We are asking that everyone stays away from the football pitch area of Harold Parks as heavy plant machinery needs access to the fenced off site.”

A Coal Authority spokesperson said: “On the 26 March the Coal Authority was made aware of a suspected ground collapse on a football pitch off Park Road in the Low Moor area of Bradford.

To ensure the safety of the public we have secured the site and will carry out investigations to determine the cause of the incident.

We would ask members of the public not to enter the area of the collapse or interfere with the fencing that is in place.

If anyone has concerns about the security of the site, they can contact the Coal Authority’s 24/7 Hazard Line on 0800 288 4242.”