Police in Dewsbury are urging the public to come forward with any information regarding a violent disorder incident that unfolded in the area.

The disturbance, which occurred around 1:30 am last Friday on North Park Street, involved multiple individuals and vehicles, prompting concerned citizens to make emergency calls to authorities.

Upon arrival, officers discovered two injured males at the scene. Both victims were subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment, though their injuries were reported as non-life-threatening.

Kirklees District CID has taken charge of the investigation and is seeking assistance from potential witnesses or individuals possessing relevant footage of the incident. Those with information pertinent to the case are encouraged to reach out to the CID team at 101 or utilize the live chat feature available on the West Yorkshire Police website.

The crime reference number for this incident is 13240142369.

Furthermore, individuals can choose to report information anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers by dialling 0800 555111 or submitting details online.

This appeal comes as part of ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and security of Dewsbury residents, with authorities emphasising the importance of community cooperation in addressing such incidents.