Manningham Housing Association has propelled its three-year digital business strategy forward with the launch of a revamped website, executed in collaboration with the Yorkshire-based creative design agency Redbak. The redesign aims to enhance accessibility for both customers and project partners through a modern and sleek appearance.

The updated site introduces a range of additional features, expanding the spectrum of information and online services available to users. Notably, improvements have been made to contrast and colour schemes to optimize readability, particularly benefiting visually impaired individuals.

Manningham Housing Association, responsible for managing over 1,400 homes housing more than 6,000 residents in Bradford and Keighley, recently earned a spot on the shortlist in two categories for the Housing Digital Innovation Awards 2024: Most Innovative Approach to Culture and Wellbeing, alongside Best Digital Experience (Landlords).

This recognition follows a series of digital initiatives by the organization over the past year, including the introduction of the bespoke digital portal, MyMHA. This portal allows users to complete various tasks online, such as paying rent, scheduling repairs, and checking due dates for safety inspections. Additionally, users can interact with a multilingual chatbot facility answering inquiries in over 160 languages.

In a further innovation, Manningham Housing Association implemented an internal bot to provide 24/7 support to staff and is developing a new HR system with an app to simplify work-life balance management for team members.

Carolina Padovezi de Oliveira, Manningham Housing Association Corporate Project Manager, said; “We have been working on the new website for several months and are thrilled to see it go live.

“The new features will enable users to navigate the site more easily, ensuring that information and services are readily accessible to all.

“Also, with improved contrast and colour schemes, we aim to enhance readability for all users, including those with visual impairments.”

Lee Bloomfield, Manningham Housing Association Chief Executive said; “Our digital strategy focuses on making online interaction with the organisation less complicated for our service users. The new website plays a critical role in meeting that objective.

“The additional features will allow for smoother navigation and interaction, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

“We are delighted by the end result and hope many more people will log on and learn about what we do.”

Victoria Gledhill, Redbak Company Secretary, said:; “Through meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to enhancing user experience, we have completely revitalised Manningham Housing Association’s website, ensuring that anyone can access important information quickly and easily.

“Building upon the foundation of the previous design, our next phase focused on refining visual elements, employing strategic iconography and colour palettes, and streamlining content for a cleaner aesthetic.

“Taking into account valuable feedback from users, we have implemented targeted improvements for a better user experience.

“It was a pleasure collaborating closely with Manningham Housing Association once again, reinforcing our ongoing partnership and commitment to delivering exceptional results together.”

The new website can be explored at