Leeds, renowned for its commitment to environmental sustainability, gears up for its annual fortnightly brown bin collections, slated to commence on April 1st and run through December.

Setting the gold standard nationwide, Leeds City Council orchestrates the most extensive garden waste collection service across the UK. Last year alone, the council whisked away a staggering 33,000 tonnes of garden refuse from a whopping 220,000 households sprawled across the city.

In a landscape where charges for such services are increasingly the norm, Leeds stands out as a beacon of generosity, offering its garden waste collection service entirely free of charge.

The ethos behind the brown bin collections is twofold: firstly, to divert garden waste away from the general waste stream, thus easing the burden on black bins; secondly, to lend a helping hand to households blessed with ample greenery, making a fortnightly collection a justified necessity. Subsequently, the harvested garden waste undergoes local composting, finding purpose in agricultural, horticultural, and land rejuvenation endeavours throughout the city.

This initiative dovetails neatly with other environmentally friendly practices for managing garden waste. Suggestions range from leaving grass clippings to nourish lawns, to utilising garden refuse for composting or creating habitats for local fauna, thereby nurturing both biodiversity and the garden itself.

In a bid to encourage composting amongst residents, the council collaborates with Great Green Systems, offering an exclusive discount on a range of composters. Those interested can delve deeper into the offer at www.leeds.gov.uk/composting.

Should excess garden waste accumulate, fret not, for disposal comes free of charge at any of the council’s eight household waste recycling centres. These centres operate seven days a week, with no prior booking required. Residents keen on locating their nearest centre can simply visit www.leeds.gov.uk/recycling for swift guidance.

For those eager to mark their calendars for the first brown bin collection, assistance is at hand. By downloading the Leeds Bin App or visiting www.leeds.gov.uk/mybinday, residents can effortlessly access pertinent information regarding their collection schedule.