In response to the inclement weather conditions throughout the winter season, a recalibrated timeline for Phase 2 of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS2) in Apperley Bridge has been introduced. Rigorous measures have been implemented to mitigate the impact of temporary traffic management on Harrogate Road.

Upon completion, both phases of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme will collectively safeguard 4,000 homes, 1,000 businesses, and crucial infrastructure in Leeds and Apperley Bridge, Bradford, shielding them from flooding events akin to the calamity of Boxing Day 2015.

The reopening of Apperley Road, initially slated for late February, has encountered a one-month delay. Resurfacing activities are set to commence in mid-March and conclude by late March 2024. Execution of these works will necessitate the installation of two sets of three-way temporary traffic lights. The first set will be positioned between Apperley Lane Bridge, Apperley Road, and the George and Dragon pub car park for a duration of 3-4 days. Another set will be deployed between Harrogate Road and Parkin Lane.

In contrast to previous instances of traffic lights in the area, all lanes will remain accessible, with the lights operational only when required to facilitate brief entry of machinery into the northbound lane on Harrogate Road. Once the machinery safely passes, normal traffic flow will resume. Efforts will be made to avoid operating the lights during peak hours whenever possible. Additional updates will be disseminated through the Leeds City Council Flood Resilience X account and the Leeds FAS2 web page.

All civil works on the new pumping station and drainage enhancements in Apperley Bridge are currently on track for completion by late March 2024. Following this, all traffic management measures will be lifted, and full access for road users, pedestrians, and the equestrian crossing on Harrogate Road will be reinstated. Comprehensive communication regarding wider traffic management measures on Parkin Lane during this period is being directly conveyed to residents in the area.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for sustainable development and infrastructure, said; “Unfortunately, the proximity of our works to the river mean that delays are unavoidable due to the amount of rain we have had across the winter. The high river levels we have experienced serve as a reminder as to why these works are being carried out – these works are vital to increase our resilience to the climate emergency.

The construction is progressing well considering the challenges we have faced. I’d like to thank the local residents and businesses for their understanding and assure all those who travel along Harrogate Road that the traffic management measures will be as unintrusive as possible.

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said; “Although the Leeds FAS2 is a Leeds City Council scheme, the works including a new pumping station and drainage improvements, will also deliver flood risk benefits to residents in the Apperley Bridge area of the Bradford District. We understand delays are frustrating, but in complex schemes such as this, which also include the challenges of working in an area of flood risk, they are not uncommon, particularly given the conditions that have been experienced over the winter months. These are essential works for the benefit of the wider community, and cross-border liaison with colleagues in Leeds continues in order to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.”