In a groundbreaking move, senior councillors are set to deliberate on Leeds City Council’s innovative collaboration with national, regional, and local government bodies to revitalize six of its neighbourhoods, in line with its regeneration aspirations and commitment to inclusive growth.

The Leeds Transformational Regeneration Partnership, a decade-long initiative, involves a concerted effort from the council, central government, Homes England, and the West Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

The comprehensive plan outlines the rejuvenation of a segment of the city centre and five adjoining ‘city rim’ neighbourhoods, with a focus on accelerating growth in the city centre to align with the council’s ambitious 2023 Inclusive Growth Strategy.

This transformative partnership finds its roots in the recently announced ‘Vision for Leeds’ by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities on March 6, following the Spring Budget. Leveraging locally-led plans, consultations, and stakeholder engagement spanning several years, the initiative seeks to usher in positive change.

Key features of the Vision and partnership include:

  • Breathing new life into Mabgate, Eastside & Hunslet Riverside, South Bank, Holbeck, West End Riverside, and the Innovation Arc within the city centre, aiming to deliver 20,000 new homes.
  • An additional £10 million (pending a business case) was earmarked by the government for establishing British Library North at Temple Works, along with efforts to bring the building into public ownership through Homes England.
  • An injection of £5 million (pending a business case) for the realisation of a new National Poetry Centre.
  • Support for ongoing efforts to explore and enhance the role of the Royal Armouries Museum, including the planning and implementation of new conferencing and exhibition facilities.

A comprehensive report on the partnership and Vision for Leeds is scheduled for presentation to the council’s executive board on March 13, offering detailed insights into the initiative’s goals for the next decade.

The Leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor James Lewis, said; “This partnership is a significant opportunity for Leeds to build on its nationally-recognised track record of delivering large-scale infrastructure projects which support regeneration and build economic growth.

“Working directly with government and driven by our Vision for Leeds and our commitment to inclusive growth, the partnership will act as a positive driver to tackle poverty and inequality, accelerate housing delivery, and provide more opportunities for everyone who calls Leeds home.

“Looking to the future there is shared recognition among the partners that major improvements can be won through a focus on some of the fundamental structural challenges facing the city. These changes include improving growth, creating choice and affordability in the housing market, improving public transport connectivity and integration, and leveraging our core economic, innovation and cultural assets. These are the challenges the partnership hopes to address throughout the programme.

“The creation of the partnership recognises the unique opportunities Leeds has to offer and will bring major benefits and growth to the wider region and the country as a whole. We look forward to sharing the benefits of this programme and its economic, social, and cultural legacy for many years to come.”

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, said; “For the UK’s economy to grow and prosper, it needs Leeds and West Yorkshire to succeed.

“Working in partnership, these plans will help us deliver on our promise of more affordable homes, vibrant and creative communities, quick and reliable public transport, and greater opportunities for our businesses and universities to succeed.

“As our largest urban and economic centre – at the heart of Yorkshire, the North of England and the United Kingdom – the success of Leeds will help us build a brighter region and a brighter Britain for all”.