The culmination of efforts at the new Mixenden Community Hub heralds a pivotal moment as the project enters its concluding phase.

Under the auspices of Calderdale Council, construction of the new hub in Mixenden is poised to redefine the locale as a hub of communal activity, offering residents a comprehensive suite of services and prospects.

Progress has been steady, with the exterior now fully realised. Attention has turned to the interior and the final touches to the car park, priming the premises for imminent occupancy.

Among the amenities slated for inclusion are:

  • A Primary Care Network Hub for north Halifax, amplifying access to community healthcare services alongside existing medical facilities, under the auspices of the Calderdale Cares Partnership.
  • Versatile retail or office space available for lease.
  • A communal green space, fostering community engagement.
  • A contemporary library, replete with user-friendly facilities, advisory services, and cutting-edge IT infrastructure, all within an inviting setting.

Of notable mention is the forthcoming community garden, set to occupy the space once held by the former library, now razed to facilitate landscaping initiatives. Envisaged features for the garden encompass planting beds and eco-friendly systems for rainwater harvesting, serving dual purposes of flood prevention and biodiversity enhancement.

Anticipated completion is slated for the summer of 2024.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Towns, Tourism and Voluntary Sector, Cllr Sarah Courtney, said; “It’s great to see work coming together at the Mixenden Hub site, supporting our priority for thriving towns and places. It’s been a long-standing ambition of the Council to transform this previously derelict site into a community facility and we’re now approaching the final stages of work.

“Once complete, the building will be a real focal point for the community, bringing together important services and providing active and social opportunities for people in the north Halifax area.”

The advent of the Mixenden Community Hub epitomises a key facet of the Council’s overarching strategy to elevate the quality of life within the north Halifax region.