In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Bradford East, the Bradford Council Neighbourhood Wardens, Stronger Communities Team, and dedicated volunteers from Connect the Dots joined forces for a day of community service.

The focal point of the initiative was the construction of numerous flower beds and planters. These installations not only serve to ignite interest in communal gardening projects but also contribute to the creation of more ecologically diverse environments.

Integral to the project’s success is the ongoing support pledged by the Neighbourhood Wardens to Connect The Dots. This organisation plays a crucial role in providing social activities tailored for adults aged 18 and above, particularly those with learning disabilities and autism. Furthermore, the Eccleshill Horticultural Society has imparted valuable training and expertise, equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to nurture their own produce.

Cllr Abdul Jabar, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Community Safety, said: “This sounds like a great way to bring greenery and colour to Bradford East, as well as providing people with the skills to grow fruit and vegetables.”