BBC Scotland’s glossy series, “The Agency: Unfiltered,” has made a triumphant return with its second series, garnering over 500,000 streams on BBC iPlayer within the first month of airing. This marks a remarkable increase of over 150,000 streams compared to the first series during the same period.

Produced by IWC, a Banijay UK company, both Series 1 and 2 have now amassed an impressive combined total of over 1 million streams since the series launched in February 2023.

The show provides an unfiltered look into the captivating and drama-filled lives of social media influencers, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the reality of navigating this industry, coupled with the personal challenges faced by the young women involved.

As the new series concludes on the BBC Scotland channel this week, “The Agency: Unfiltered” continues to draw viewers who are streaming the series on BBC iPlayer.

The show has particularly resonated with young audiences, with 65% of the streams coming from the 16-35 age group.

Kirsten Cameron and Amy Moore, the co-founders of Aquarius Creative, shared their amazement at the response to the new series. Kirsten said, “We’re very humbled by the reaction to the series. I think its success lies in its ability to share the authentic side of the influencing world. It reveals the reality behind the posts. The viewer response has been overwhelming. I’ve had so many mums reach out to me to share their experience with post-natal anxiety and I hope that by opening up about my own journey it has inspired them to speak more openly about their struggles with friends and family and seek professional help.”

Amy added, “We are so delighted that the second series has received such an incredible response so far – it means so much to us that audiences are coming to it in such high numbers and resonating so much with them. We never anticipated the series to achieve such success, so to see both series achieve over 1 million streams is genuinely amazing!”

Steve Allen, commissioning executive for BBC Scotland, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “What a brilliant start for series 2 of The Agency: Unfiltered. We’re delighted that audiences are loving the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a business navigating the rollercoaster world of social media influencers. This series has really lifted the lid further on the reality behind the gloss, and it’s great to see it resonating with our audiences in such a big way.”

IWC Creative Director Mark Downie expressed his gratitude, saying, “It’s fitting that a series about impressively successful young women should also be a ratings hit with young audiences. We’re hugely grateful to Amy, Kirsten and the influencers they represent, for having the courage and generosity to share the unfiltered reality of their working and personal lives with over a million of us, challenging preconceptions at every turn.”

“The Agency: Unfiltered” series two (10×30’) is an IWC production for BBC Scotland, with Banijay Rights handling international distribution. Executive producers for IWC are Laura Capaldi and Mark Downie. The series was commissioned by Steve Allen, commissioning executive for BBC Scotland. Both Series 1 and 2 are available now on BBC iPlayer.