BBC Children’s and Education has unveiled an exciting roster of upcoming programmes for young audiences on CBeebies and CBBC, guaranteeing a delightful mix of entertainment, education, and inspiration for children and families across the UK.

In a statement, Patricia Hidalgo, Director of BBC Children’s and Education, expressed the broadcaster’s dedication to leading the way in children’s programming. She highlighted significant investments in delivering top-notch content across various genres, emphasizing the commitment to providing enjoyable moments for families to share while being entertained, inspired, and gaining a deeper understanding of the world.

Leading the charge is “Monster Makes,” a burst of creativity aimed at pre-schoolers and hosted by CBeebies favourite Rebecca Keatley alongside Murphi, an endearing monster with a knack for inventive creations. Murphi’s simple philosophy, asserting that anyone can craft something brilliant with a bit of monster magic, forms the heart of each episode. Produced by Terrific Television, this show promoting recycling and creativity is set to grace screens in 2025.

Following suit is the animated comedy series “Dylan’s Playtime Adventures,” based on Guy Parker-Rees’ Scholastic picture books. The titular hero, a multi-coloured striped dog, embarks on various career explorations using his imagination and basic props. Produced by 9 Story Media Group and Brown Bag Films, this delightful series is scheduled for an autumn release.

“Maddie + Triggs,” a 2D animated series from Turnip + Duck, chronicles the escapades of 7-year-old Maddie, a music enthusiast with vision impairment, and her mischievous doggy companion, Triggs. Set in the vibrant town of Higgledy-Piggledy, the show aims to authentically represent the experiences of viewers like Maddie, ensuring inclusivity in scripting, casting, and a visually accessible aesthetic. Premiering on CBeebies in October, the series comes with accompanying podcasts providing an engaging audio experience.

For the preschool audience, “The Weasy Family” introduces new friends in a barn in the middle of the cornfields. Weasy, an irresponsible weasel, raises twin ducklings he adopted after accidentally incubating their egg. Set to debut on CBeebies in 2025, “The Weasy Family” promises to be a quirky addition to the lineup.

Returning with a fresh twist is “Fred & Pete in Art Adventure.” This live-action, funny factual series challenges the duo to draw off-the-wall pictures, offering tips and tricks while showcasing the beauty of Cornwall and Devon. Produced by Screen Glue, the series promises laughter and artistic inspiration, arriving on CBeebies later this year.

Older children are in for a treat as CBBC introduces the brand new “Pickle Storm.” This comedy series follows 9-year-old Pickle Storm’s hilarious journey from the fantasy world of Kleftania to the extraordinary UK town of Middlington. The clash between the fantastical and the everyday creates unforgettable adventures in this brand-new series.

Returning for a fifth season on CBBC in Autumn, Steve Backshall MBE brings back “Deadly 60,” tracking down the world’s deadliest and most endangered animals. From jungles to oceans, Steve explores the threats these creatures face, including extreme weather events, habitat loss, and pollution, promising a unique underwater adventure off the coast of Spain.

CBBC also encourages young viewers to explore the kitchen with “Cooking Buddies,” featuring 13-year-old Buddy Oliver, son of chef Jamie Oliver. Premiering this summer, the show sees Buddy and kids aged 9-14 sharing their culinary skills and hobbies with each other. From basketball to Irish dancing, the cooking ‘buddies’ showcase their talents, promising an engaging culinary adventure for young chefs and their families, with surprise appearances from the Oliver family.