West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin has celebrated the green light given to comprehensive spending plans spanning the entire region for the upcoming year.

In a morning session today, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority formally endorsed its annual budget, outlining a projected expenditure of £866 million in the forthcoming year.

The lion’s share of the Combined Authority’s financial allocation is earmarked for the transportation sector. Long-term strategies for Mass Transit are set to persist, alongside funding for the introduction of £2 capped bus tickets, applicable to all residents within the region.

Apart from transportation, the budget incorporates supplementary funds to enhance bus services, provide backing for cultural events like Bradford 2025, and facilitate improved accessibility to employment opportunities and skill development for individuals throughout the region.

Looking ahead, the Combined Authority is making significant investments in the region’s future, with infrastructure spending for the upcoming year reaching a substantial £500 million.

The Mayor said; “Devolution is working for West Yorkshire and I am proud of the work we have done over the past year to drive economic growth, boost skills, and lay the groundwork for an accessible and reliable public transport network.

“But we should be under no illusions about the financial challenges facing our local authority partners. We are supporting where we can but town halls must be properly funded by the government to deliver frontline services, otherwise, our potential will be held back.

“This balanced and fair budget that we have agreed today will deliver on our long-term plan and lasting change for the people of West Yorkshire as we create a region that works for all.”

For more detailed insights into the West Yorkshire Combined Authority budget, interested parties can refer to the information available here.