Shine TV, a subsidiary of Banijay UK, along with Rick Stein Productions, has secured the commission to deliver a captivating 15-part series featuring the renowned chef, Rick Stein. The series, titled “Rick Stein’s Food Stories,” is set to grace the screens of BBC Two next month, promising a delectable journey as Stein explores the diverse culinary landscape of the UK and delves into the evolution of British gastronomy in the 21st century.

Embarking on a mouth-watering cookery pilgrimage across the nation, Rick Stein will traverse iconic locations such as The Lake District, Argyll, Belfast, The Gower Peninsula, Bristol, Yorkshire, and more. The series will showcase Stein meeting with trailblazers in the British food scene, from those perfecting traditional dishes like the quintessential Yorkshire pudding to innovative chefs and producers introducing new global flavours.

From his cherished home in Cornwall, Rick will also share his favourite dishes that he believes should earn a place in the nation’s cookbook. The central question driving “Rick Stein’s Food Stories” is an exploration of how British culinary culture is evolving in contemporary times.

Rick Stein says: “This is my idea of an expedition… I’m travelling the length and breadth of the UK to get an understanding of what us Brits are eating now. And that’s a subject that’s constantly changing. When I started out as a chef over 50 years ago the prawn cocktail, steak Diane and Black Forest Gâteau reigned supreme. Today the variety on offer is extraordinary; Sushi is now one of our most popular takeaway lunches; we no longer pop out for a Balti but enjoy Indian street food instead; and more than ever chefs are cooking with the environment in mind, creating new dishes using locally foraged or farmed ingredients. I’ve also seen how food has the power to bring communities together. What is clear to me is that what and how we eat touches every part of our lives. Thinking seriously about which dishes best represent our modern tastes requires me to reconsider everything.”

Matt Bennett, Senior Executive Producer at Shine TV, adds: “Following the success of our three series in Cornwall, it is once again a delight to collaborate with Rick to create a series for BBC Two which celebrates the many talented people who make the UK one of the most richly diverse food scenes in the world.”

Rachel Platt, Commissioning Editor BBC Daytime & Early Peak, says: “No one tells a food story like Rick Stein. With his natural curiosity, warmth and eloquence, Rick brings to life the work of the UK’s growers, producers, chefs and cooks in a feast for television.”

“Rick Stein’s Food Stories,” comprising 15 episodes of 30 minutes each, was commissioned by Rachel Platt and Rob Unsworth for BBC Two. The series is a collaborative effort between Shine TV (Banijay UK) and Rick Stein Productions. Matt Bennett serves as Senior Executive Producer and Director, with Colin Steele as the Director and Julie Gilmartin as the Line Producer for Shine TV.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Rick Stein’s Food Stories” on BBC Two, starting Monday, 12th February at 6:30 pm, or catch the entire series on BBC iPlayer.