Crafted by Double Act, the forthcoming 15-episode series SAS: Catching the Criminals promises to plunge viewers into an immersive exploration of the escalating use of military and SAS tactics by police and enforcement teams in apprehending criminals.

With theft, fly-tipping, and environmental transgressions on the ascent, a surge of unresolved crimes appears to be slipping through the net. In the show, Billy will traverse the expanse of the UK, shadowing forces adept at deploying covert intelligence, surveillance, and disruption to combat anti-social crime. He will closely observe various police forces, local councils, and trading standards to decipher the tactics employed in their investigations, refining their methodologies and enhancing their skills to identify wrongdoers and bring them to justice.

Billy will engage with victims of the crimes highlighted in the program and connect with members of the local community who played pivotal roles in solving cases. Each episode will showcase an intricate sting operation meticulously planned and executed by the teams under Billy’s scrutiny.

Billy says, “It’s incredible to see that police forces and enforcement teams are now adapting SAS techniques to catch criminals. It’s been great to shadow and help them develop techniques to put criminals behind bars. There is so much time that goes into these sting operations, and to see live results with a build up to the catching of these unscrupulous individuals will be a real thrill for audiences. I’m excited to be a part of this brilliant series.”

Double Act’s, Larry Walford, Executive Producer for the series said: “This is a great new lens on crimefighting and Billy is an energetic and enthusiastic presenter who brings a huge amount of gravitas to the series from his past experiences in the SAS”.

Rob Unsworth, Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak commissioning comments, “SAS: Catching the Criminals will be a brilliant new addition to our schedule, with a dynamic, immersive premise that grabbed us right away. We know viewers will be as intrigued as we were to gain such an unprecedented insight into the techniques used by police forces and enforcement services across the UK as they bring wrongdoers to account.”

Lindsay Bradbury, Commissioning Editor adds: “Billy’s expertise in the SAS and the techniques he will use and teach the forces will surprise the audiences – and the criminals.”

BBC One and iPlayer have commissioned SAS: Catching the Criminals, with Rob Unsworth overseeing the project as Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak commissioning, and Lindsay Bradbury serving as the Commissioning Editor for BBC Daytime. The series will be produced at Double Act’s new regional hub in Birmingham and is scheduled to air later this year.

The BBC has announced the commencement of construction on The Tea Factory in Digbeth, as part of its broader initiative to invest in the Midlands, aiming to reinvigorate the creative industries, including support for productions like SAS: Catching the Criminals.

Commissioning new content and relocating TV and network radio programs to Birmingham align with the BBC’s “Across the UK” strategy, facilitating proximity to audiences for better representation and service across all regions of the UK.