The picturesque Caribbean Island of Saint Marie once again plays host to a series of ingenious murders as Death in Paradise marks its 100th episode. Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, portrayed by Don Warrington, takes centre stage in the landmark episode, celebrating an impressive 50 years of dedicated police service. However, Patterson is soon confronted by a surprising adversary that adds an unexpected twist to the narrative.

DI Neville Parker, played by Ralf Little, grapples with the aftermath of ‘Sophie’s’ actions, while Officer Marlon Pryce, portrayed by Tahj Miles, contemplates his future. DS Naomi Thomas, brought to life by Shantol Jackson, lets loose on a double date with Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis, played by Ginny Holder. Meanwhile, Catherine Bordey, played by Élizabeth Bourgine, finds herself entangled in a murder case when an old friend becomes a suspect. New and returning characters arrive on Saint Marie, and Neville faces a pivotal decision.

The burning question lingers: will our bumbling detective finally attain his happy ending? The upcoming episodes promise a deadly game of bingo, a poisoning at a cookery competition, a death during a blackout, and a mystifying murder in a lift.

In an exclusive interview, Élizabeth Bourgine, who portrays Catherine Bordey, reflects on the show’s enduring success.

This series marks the 100th episode of Death in Paradise. As someone who’s been in it since the very beginning, how do you think the show manages to have continued success and capture audiences globally?

Death in Paradise is for me like a game because people get a challenge. There is a murder, but there’s no violence, there’s no blood. The challenge is to find out who did it, why, when, and how? It’s a nice game and it’s set in an idyllic setting. Life in Death in Paradise is what we would love life to be like. Also, the characters are so wonderful, so different, it’s like a big family.

When people come to see me as Catherine, they say, “Oh, I would love to have a mother like you”, “I would like to have a grandmother like you”. Or what they say now is, “I would like to grow old like you do”. I think people always find a character they want to be, or they love to follow.

Catherine is great at detecting when her friends aren’t being themselves. Do you think she’d make a good member of the police team?

I think she is in fact a member of the police team because of her life experiences, and she understands people. The important thing is that she knows the story of the city, she’s the mayor of Saint Marie, so she knows everything that even the young people like Naomi and Darlene don’t know. She’s been through it. She knows the people. She has a different point of view and as she’s not focused on the investigation it allows her to have a more open-minded point of view, that’s very interesting and why I think she is important for the investigations, even if the police team doesn’t know it!

In episode three, we see Catherine reunited with an old friend. What was it like exploring her past and working with Kate Robbins?

Kate Robbins is a wonderful woman. She has so many stories and we had a lot of fun. I wanted to ask her a lot of questions as in this episode, we are old friends and we needed to speak to each other to work out what sort of friendship we had before – how we were in life, what experiences we had, the good ones, the bad ones. We had fun and it was really nice to work with her. We discover a part of Catherine’s life that we don’t know. Their friendship was very strong when they were young, and I think we understand why and how she’s become so wise.

Last series, we found out that Catherine is going to be a grandmother. How do you think she would get on in this role?

Brilliantly, she would love it. Catherine would take her grandchild with her and teach them how to have confidence, to discover things, to be creative, to do things and to fight.

She would be the grandmother like the grandmother I had. She told you things. She helped you to learn things and then would be like, “OK, you go, you do it your way”. I think Catherine has this lifestyle.

How did you find filming the 100th episode?

It was amazing, we were all saying, “Wow, the 100th episode!” It’s unbelievable because you don’t see it coming. Death in Paradise has had so many characters, so many actors, so many different stories. It’s great because it’s like something moving on, but not stopping because it’s still alive.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time in Death in Paradise?

I love the chicken soup moment with Richard Poole because it was a contrast of the English Detective Inspector and the local woman wanting to do her best, being strong, doing things her way and achieving it! They have conflict but it’s humorous, it’s fun and they respect each other. I think we wanted to show a woman dancing, speaking frankly, being happy, and that moment was like a base.

Do you have a favourite moment from this series?

Episode three with Kate Robbins is fundamental for Catherine because you get a deeper look into her past.