A significant shift in traffic dynamics has been implemented at a bustling junction in Bradford, marking a pivotal development in the ongoing city centre transformation.

As of the latest alterations at the intersection of Manchester Road and Croft Street, vehicles approaching from Shipley Airedale Road via Croft Street, seeking to turn towards Jacobs Well, are no longer permitted an immediate right turn (highlighted in red on the map). Instead, they are directed to follow the new route using Senior Way (indicated in green on the map).

To facilitate smoother traffic flow, the traffic lights at the junction have been optimized, complemented by fresh road markings to guide motorists effectively.

These modifications represent a crucial facet of a broader initiative aimed at enhancing junctions and crossings on roadways. Additionally, a new public transport loop, designed to bolster bus service reliability around the periphery of the city centre, is nearing completion.

The imminent second phase of the project, scheduled to commence in spring, will focus on pedestrianizing select city centre streets and crafting new, verdant public spaces. Concurrently, alterations in bus routes utilizing the city centre are anticipated, redirecting them to the newly established public transport loop.

The collaborative efforts of Bradford Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority drive this ambitious £43 million scheme. Financed through the Combined Authority’s Transforming Cities Fund programme, the initiative seeks to simplify, secure, and enhance pedestrian and cyclist experiences in the city centre. Notably, this capital grant transport fund, allocated by the Department for Transport, is exclusively earmarked for transformative urban endeavours.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport said: “Work on the transformation of the city centre is happening at pace and this latest change is just another step forward in the creation of new open traffic-free spaces making it safer, easier and more pleasant for people to get around the city centre on foot. I’d like to thank people for their patience while this work takes place.”

For further details on the ongoing changes in Bradford city centre, visit www.future-bradford.co.uk.