On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Bradford Cathedral will open its doors to schools for a captivating musical event featuring Sergei Prokofiev’s renowned symphonic tale for children, “Peter and the Wolf.” The cathedral’s majestic organ will resonate with the delightful melodies of this classic piece, specifically crafted to acquaint children with the diverse instruments of an orchestra.

Schools are cordially invited to attend one of two enchanting performances of ‘Peter and the Wolf,’ where the organ’s different stops, representing various animals and characters in the story, will be skillfully manoeuvred by Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Music, Graham Thorpe. Accompanying the musical journey, Lady Sandra Hill will lend her narrative talents to bring the tale to life.

Graham Thorpe, Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Music, says; “We’re very excited to welcome you to Bradford Cathedral to enjoy Sergei Prokofiev’s symphonic tale for children, Peter and the Wolf. Played on the organ by Graham Thorpe, Organist and Director of Music at Bradford Cathedral, and narrated by Lady Sandra Hill, you meet the musical Peter and his friends, and hear his famous story.”

Maggie Myers, Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Education and Visitors, says; “These free performances for schools of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ are a must-see opportunity for all those wishing to give their pupils a wonderful live musical experience. We have been wanting to bring back the schools’ performances of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ for several years, because we know of their past popularity with schools, as teachers still ask us when we will be doing them again.

“Well, here they are and we know that your pupils will find “Peter and the Wolf” played on the organ at Bradford Cathedral a truly unforgettable experience!”

The performances, lasting approximately 30 minutes each, are tailored for audiences aged 7 and above. Maggie Myers assures attendees that “Peter and the Wolf” played on the organ at Bradford Cathedral will be a truly unforgettable experience for pupils.

To secure a spot for the morning session at 11 am, visit this link. Alternatively, for the afternoon session at 1 pm, reservations can be made here. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this musical journey at Bradford Cathedral.