In a weather advisory released today at 09:46 (UTC), the Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for snow, effective from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursday 8th February 2024. The alert predicts significant travel disruption, particularly in the Peak District and south Pennines regions.

Anticipated to commence during Thursday morning, the snowfall is expected to intensify throughout the afternoon, reaching persistent and heavy levels before gradually subsiding in the evening. The warning encompasses an estimated 10-15 cm of snow across the affected areas, with higher elevations, specifically those above 300 metres, likely to experience up to 25 cm of snowfall. Strong and gusty easterly winds may contribute to drifting in certain locations.

Driving is strongly discouraged in these challenging conditions. However, for those undertaking essential journeys, alternative modes of transportation are advised to ensure the safety of individuals and others on the road. If driving is unavoidable, precautionary measures include using dipped headlights, gentle acceleration with low revs, prompt gear changes, initiating travel in second gear to address wheel slip, maintaining a safe and steady speed with ample distance from other vehicles, employing lower gears while descending hills, refraining from unnecessary braking, and steering into skids while keeping hands on the wheel.

Preparedness is key in managing power cuts. Essential items such as torches, batteries, and a mobile phone power pack should be gathered in advance.

In the event of isolation due to snow, safety measures include maintaining consistent thermostat settings day and night, turning off electrical heaters and extinguishing fires before bedtime, ensuring the well-being of pets by keeping them warm, preventing frozen pipes by opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air circulation, staying indoors, dressing warmly, closing internal doors to retain heat, and seeking support from the British Red Cross Support Line at 0808 196 3651 if needed.

The public is urged to support vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, and those living alone, who may require assistance with food and medical supplies. Health concerns should be directed to NHS 111.

To stay informed, residents are encouraged to stay updated on local weather forecasts and heed advice from emergency services and local authorities.