Wakefield Council is gearing up for a major winter tree-planting initiative, aiming to sow the seeds for up to 50,000 new trees, and is calling on the community to join hands in this green endeavour.

The ambitious project will see the creation of a sprawling 20-hectare woodland at Bulcliffe Wood, the former colliery site situated off Denby Dale Road in Wakefield.

Commencing in January 2024, the Council has scheduled 9 public planting days, offering both midweek and weekend opportunities for volunteers to contribute to this eco-friendly cause:

  • Saturday 13 January
  • Sunday 14 January
  • Wednesday 17 January
  • Saturday 20 January
  • Sunday 21 January
  • Wednesday 24 January
  • Saturday 27 January
  • Sunday 28 January
  • Wednesday 31 January

Each public planting day will feature both morning and afternoon sessions, with limited spots available, requiring interested volunteers to secure their places by booking in advance.

Highlighting the environmental benefits, it is emphasized that each tree, when fully grown, will absorb a tonne of carbon, aid in flood prevention, and provide crucial sustenance and shelter for local wildlife.

Cllr Jack Hemingway, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change said; “We’ve planted 100,000 trees since 2020 and we couldn’t have done it without the help of volunteers. In the last two years more than 900 people have turned out to help – an incredible response.

“This year we have another ambitious target to plant up to 50,000 more trees to create a new wood in Wakefield.

“I am sure we can count on our residents to come and help again. It’s a great way to get outside, get your hands dirty and do something good for your community – help tackle climate change and make Wakefield greener and healthier.”

Wakefield Council is a key participant in the White Rose Forest initiative, which seeks to plant 7 million trees in West and North Yorkshire by 2025. This initiative is integral to the broader vision of the Northern Forest, which aims to plant an impressive 50 million trees.

The initiative aligns with the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy aiming to achieve net-zero status by 2030 for the Council and by 2038 for the entire district.

For those eager to participate and secure their spot, detailed information and registration are available at Wakefield Council’s official website.