The sophomore instalment of The Agency: Unfiltered continues to peel back the curtain on the influential world, offering an unvarnished glimpse into the realities beneath the industry’s polished facade. From navigating relationship challenges to falling prey to online scams, the seemingly flawless lives of influencers often diverge from the picture-perfect images portrayed on social media.

The inaugural series garnered widespread acclaim, particularly resonating with younger viewers, amassing over 500,000 views on BBC iPlayer to date.

Produced by IWC for BBC Scotland, The Agency: Unfiltered series two (comprising 10 episodes of 30 minutes each) is helmed by executive producers Laura Capaldi and Mark Downie. The show secured the green light from Steve Allen, the commissioning executive for BBC Scotland. Series one is currently available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

The eagerly anticipated second series of The Agency: Unfiltered kicks off at 10 pm on Monday, January 8, 2024, on BBC Scotland, with all episodes subsequently accessible on BBC iPlayer.

In an exclusive interview with Kirsten Cameron and Amy Moore, the duo shed light on the immense success of the first series and the unique perspective it offered.

Series one was a smash hit with audiences, especially younger viewers. Why do you think audiences loved the series so much?

Kirsten: I think it’s because it lets you see what goes on behind that Instagram post. The series shows what the world of influencing is really like and the day to day lives of influencers. It’s something audiences hadn’t really seen before in series one.

How have your friends and family responded to series one and seeing you on TV?

Amy: I think they find it really funny seeing us on TV. They’re used to seeing us at the weekend, not in a serious work setting. And so they say, “Wow, it’s so weird to see you at work, but it’s actually really good to see what you do every day.”

Kirsten: For example, my brother has no clue about the influencing world or social media. So it’s good for him to finally stop asking me, “Is that a real job you’ve got?”

How has life changed between series one and two? 

Amy: Everything’s non-stop all the time. We’re working with bigger brands and bigger influencers now, and we’ve got bigger goals than we ever had before. So it’s really exciting that we get to share that journey.

Kirsten: Yeah, and it’s been so good that we’ve got to do series two. When series one first came out, we were obviously nervous about how people were going to receive it, but the positive feedback has been overwhelming. We’re hoping for the same for this series.

Lydia Kara shares her transition to being a full-time influencer in the new series. Tell us what it’s been like to watch her popularity increase since being on Love Island.

Amy: It’s really exciting how much Lydia’s grown since coming out of Love Island and we’ve been there to support her journey. From packing her suitcases and dropping her off at the airport, to being her support on the show, to her coming out and her following skyrocketing. We’ve really been there every step of the way to make sure she’s going in the direction that she wants to be going in.

Both of you open up about your own personal struggles in the new series. Why was it important for you to share this?

Kirsten: At first, I was a bit nervous about sharing my experience with post-natal anxiety. But as the recording of the series went on, I couldn’t hide it. It was so raw and true. I couldn’t hold back on my emotions.  Now I’m glad I shared it. If it helps someone who may be bottling up their emotions, it’s all worth it.

Influencer Abbie Blyth reveals that her business BLY fell victim to an online scammer in the new series. Why do you think it’s important to share that the lives of influencers aren’t always so picture perfect?

Kirsten: We always tell the girls to be true to themselves. I think it’s difficult in this day and age to hide if you’re going through something on social media because the girls are so open and honest on it. They’re always talking about how they’re feeling, the ups and the downs.

Abbie had a lot of bad luck at one time, and we had to be there to support her in all of that.

Sharing her journey allows her followers to witness the reality of her challenges and how it unfolds on the show. It’s about sharing the unfiltered moments that make these influencers relatable and human.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the agency in 2024?

Amy: Something we always say is focus more on the business than being in the business. That’s something we are really trying to get better at. We really want to focus on the growth now and getting bigger and better.

Kirsten: We’ve had a lot of changes in the business this year, which you’ll see ongoing throughout the new series. Having an amazing team around us, both influencers and staff, and pushing forward to make Aquarius bigger and better is our goal.