In the upcoming fourth series of “Sort Your Life Out,” viewers will witness the emotional journeys of six new families as they bravely tackle the daunting task of decluttering and revamping their homes. Spearheaded by the ever-charismatic Stacey Solomon and her proficient team, this season guarantees not only magical transformations but also heartwarming narratives behind the clutter.

Returning alongside Solomon are her trusted companions – organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob, and cleaner Iwan – all geared up to guide the participating families through a life-changing week of sorting. While parting ways with half of their belongings, the families open up about the sentimental stories linked to their possessions, leading to poignant moments and difficult decisions.

As the families pare down their belongings to only the essentials, key sentimental items undergo creative upcycling before Solomon and her team stylishly redecorate and repurpose the homes. The ultimate reveal showcases some extraordinary makeovers, ranging from a children’s reading den to a concealed home office within a living room, and even a garage transformed into a dance space for teenage girls.

BBC Commissioning Editor, Beejal-Maya Patel says; “I’m so excited that Sort Your Life Out will soon be back on our screens. It just brings so much joy with its magical transformations and essential tips, hacks and tricks for our audience. Stacey and the team do such an incredible job in helping families change their lives for the better and the new series promises even more heart-warming reveals. I am thrilled to see it return for a fourth series.”

Stacey says; “I’m so happy that Sort Your Life Out is back with even more life-changing declutters! We meet six amazing families who each have a different story that has brought them to us, whether that’s family loss or the cost-of-living crisis. Together, we create smart storage solutions, organise the mess, and let go of belongings that are holding them back. It’s such a privilege to support each family, transforming their homes and lives. Join us, and you might even be inspired to do your own big spring clean… I know I have been!”

The fourth series, a 6 x 60 for BBC One and iPlayer, was commissioned by Clare Sillery, Head of BBC Commissioning for Documentaries, with Beejal-Maya Patel as the BBC Commissioning Editor. Produced by Optomen, Creative Directors Tina Flintoff and Nick Hornby, along with Executive Producers Mandy Morris and Kurt Seywald, ensure the continuation of the show’s success. Get ready for more inspiring transformations as “Sort Your Life Out” returns to captivate audiences with its unique blend of heartwarming stories and practical tips.