A captivating collection of atmospheric photographs has been unveiled at the Rosewood Centre, courtesy of the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust’s talented professionals with a penchant for photography.

Dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of individuals grappling with cancer and other life-limiting conditions, the centre has innovatively elevated the patient experience by tapping into the artistic talents of its own staff.

Staff members from across the Trust were encouraged to submit their imagery, aligning with the theme of ‘captivating landscapes.’ The submission window closed in late 2023, with the oncology patient steering group meticulously evaluating over 300 entries.

With keen discernment, the group curated a final selection of thirty-five images, now prominently displayed throughout the centre. The chosen photographs radiate joy, evident in the delighted expressions of attendees during the grand reveal event held on Wednesday, 3rd January.

Catherine Hill, Creative Therapist at the Rosewood Centre, and organiser of the photography project said; “We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response to this project and the outstanding quality of submissions we received from our Trust colleagues. The imagery has added a vibrant and uplifting touch to the centre to help the wellbeing of its service users. The selected images resonate with the heart of our mission – to provide holistic support and create an atmosphere of comfort for our patients.”

Using funds from MY Hospital Charity to help with the display of the imagery, Keith Ramsay, Chairman of The Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, and MY Hospitals Charity said; “It is a pleasure to be able to use funding from MY Hospital Charity to improve the experience for patients, their families and friends when attending the Rosewood Centre. We hope the new additions to the centre provide tranquillity and thank our talented colleagues for making this possible.”

For further details on The Rosewood Centre and its patient care approach, please visit: www.midyorks.nhs.uk/rosewood