In a recent court ruling, Creddy Taylor, a 21-year-old resident of Gamble Hill Place in Leeds, has been sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement in an aggravated burglary that took place in Bradford. The incident unfolded on 25 July last year at approximately 3:30 pm when a group of masked males, including Taylor, forcibly entered a property on Wentworth Crescent, wielding a menacing machete.

Upon their intrusion, the victim wisely fled the premises, while Taylor and his cohorts proceeded to ransack the property, making off with a haul of stolen jewellery and cash.

Taylor’s connection to the crime was established through forensic evidence, leading to his subsequent arrest and charge with aggravated burglary. Despite the charges, Taylor maintained his innocence and opted for a trial.

After a thorough legal process, the verdict was delivered on Friday, 12 January, finding Creddy Taylor guilty of aggravated burglary. Consequently, he was handed a four-year prison sentence.

Detective Constable Sam Williams of the District Crime Team said; “We welcome the sentence handed down to Taylor today, he is a prolific offender.

“Taylor thought he wouldn’t get caught and told lies about his accomplices.

“I hope the sentence brings the victim some justice knowing that Taylor is now behind bars.”