Manningham Housing Association has secured a groundbreaking achievement by becoming the world’s first and only housing association to attain the global Standard for Diversity and Inclusion in HR Management, ISO 30415.

This prestigious certification, internationally recognized for fostering diversity and inclusion within organizations, was granted following an on-site evaluation and extensive discussions with employees and various stakeholders.

In his final report, the independent assessor describes Manningham Housing Association – which manages more than 1,400 homes for over 6,000 residents in Bradford and Keighley – as “an exemplary organisation in respect of diversity and inclusion.”

He writes: “Manningham Housing Association is truly reflective of the community it serves, and the various programmes/projects and events are all geared to improving the life prospects of residents/tenants be that in terms of skills development, health and wellbeing and job opportunities.”

The assessor pays warm tribute to Manningham Housing Association staff who, he says, “take a proactive role in supporting residents and tenants.”

He continues: “The culture of the organisation is one where people feel valued, respected and treated as individuals. People are proud to work for / be associated with the organisation and as a result often go the extra mile.”

He adds: “Manningham Housing Association is a values driven organisation and these are firmly embedded in the people management processes. Diversity and inclusion are deeply embedded in the DNA of the organisation, the values have not only endured over the decades and the sense of inclusion has increased as the organisation reaches out to wider communities.”

The assessor concludes: “Manningham Housing Association is an exceptional organisation, with everyone totally focused on enhancing the life of customers by providing good quality homes, maintaining existing homes, investing in the community, developing partnerships and, as the only BME landlord in Bradford, Manningham Housing Association has the leverage and standing within the city to become a lead voice for BME communities.”

Commenting on the report, Manningham Housing Association Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Operations Ulfat Hussain said; “I am obviously delighted that we have been awarded ISO 30415 accreditation and to be informed by the independent assessor that Manningham Housing Association is the first housing association to receive it.

“As he recognises in his report, the Manningham Housing Association family is made up of a diverse range of individuals with our staff coming from backgrounds that reflect the communities we serve.

“The assessor also describes the feedback from staff, partners and service users throughout the assessment as extremely positive, highlighting the unique culture which has been created.

“I am incredibly proud of the outcome and pay tribute to everyone involved, with a special mention for Carolina Padovezi De Oliveira, our Corporate Project Manager, who ensured the whole assessment process ran smoothly.”

Manningham Housing Association Chair Rupert Pometsey said; “As someone who has been involved with Manningham Housing Association for more than 25 years, I regard this as a landmark moment.

“Our absolute commitment to our tenants and communities is only matched by a desire to ensure the needs and aspirations of our staff are met in a diverse and inclusive environment.

“The assessor’s report confirms that we are achieving these objectives. It also sets Manningham Housing Association apart as the first housing association to be formally recognised in this way.

“I congratulate everyone who contributed to such a remarkable result.”