In a dedicated effort to nurture and showcase burgeoning comedic talent, the BBC is gearing up to premiere two exciting series of comedy shorts on BBC Northern Ireland and BBC iPlayer.

The first of the two, “Comedians In Chippies Getting Fatter,” follows the comedic escapades of Ciarán Bartlett, alongside his long-time friends and fellow jesters Shane Todd, Diona Doherty, William Thompson, and Colin Murphy. Set against the backdrop of Belfast’s culinary delights, the quartet explores a diverse array of topics, reminiscing about the past, celebrating Northern Ireland’s vibrant comedy scene, and reflecting on the upward trajectory of their careers—all while indulging in hearty lunches. The four episodes promise a mix of laughter and candid conversations.

The second series, “Stand-Up From The Sunflower,” showcases unfiltered comedic performances from both rising stars and established names in the local stand-up scene. Filmed in front of a live audience at a Belfast bar, the show offers a distinctive platform for emerging talents to establish themselves in the comedy landscape.

Eddie Doyle, Head of Content Commissioning, BBC Northern Ireland says: “We know there is a wealth of creative talent here in Northern Ireland and we’re very excited to be bringing these fresh comedy shorts to viewers. We’re proud to be giving the next generation of talent a platform, with many of the performers making their first appearance on television.”

“Comedians In Chippies Getting Fatter,” produced by Fat Panda Media, kicks off on Tuesday, 23 January, at 11.40 pm on BBC One Northern Ireland, with the entire series available on BBC iPlayer.

Meanwhile, “Stand-Up From The Sunflower,” a production by Southpaw Pictures/One L Studios, is scheduled to premiere on Monday, 19 February, at 11.40 pm on BBC One Northern Ireland, and will also be accessible on BBC iPlayer. The series promises an entertaining mix of fresh faces and seasoned performers, contributing to the vibrant comedy landscape of Northern Ireland.