Gladiators, Standby!

In a thrilling revival of one of the most iconic sports entertainment game shows, Gladiators makes its triumphant return to television screens with a new home on the BBC. The hosting duties will be handled by the dynamic father and son duo, Bradley and Barney Walsh. The show promises a fresh generation of superhuman Gladiators pitting their prowess against a courageous lineup of contenders in the ultimate test of speed and strength. A series of exciting new games, coupled with classic challenges, including the much-loved fan-favourite, The Eliminator, will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Produced by Hungry Bear and MGM Alternative UK for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, Gladiators (consisting of 11 episodes with a duration of 60 minutes each) has received the stamp of approval from Kate Phillips, the Director of Unscripted at the BBC. The Executive Producers at the helm of this adrenaline-fueled spectacle are Dan Baldwin and Lou Brown for Hungry Bear, along with Dom Bird for MGM Alternative UK. Leading the charge on the BBC’s side are Kalpna Patel-Knight, the Head of Entertainment Commissioning, and Clodagh O’Donoghue, the Commissioning Editor.

A brainchild of Hungry Bear Media, the UK series draws inspiration from the original American Gladiators series created by Johnny C. Ferraro and Dan Carr.

Prepare for the exhilarating action as Gladiators kicks off with the first whistle on Saturday, 13 January 2024, airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Get to know the formidable Gladiators who will be taking the arena by storm.

Meet the Gladiators


Apollo stood against a blue background, holding their fist to their chest

Hometown: County Durham

Height: 6ft 6ins (201cm)

Arm length: 73cm

Key attributes: Ambition, excellence and courage

Fact: Apollo can jump 2.8m from standing – that’s longer than a ping pong table

Tell us about Apollo

Apollo is like Superman, but with a sense of humor. Big and fast, like a rocket, and hotter than the sun! Favorite hobby…. destroying contenders.

Where you a fan of the original Gladiators?

I was absolutely mad for Gladiators as a kid. My mum says all plans were cancelled for the Saturdays that Gladiators was on TV, as there would be absolute hell to pay if me and my brothers couldn’t watch it.

What did you think when your saw the set for the first time? What can audiences expect from the new series?

It honestly gave me goosebumps when I first saw the Arena. Everything was just so epic, from the Rings to the Travelator. Everyone watching will be very happy to know that this series of Gladiators has a very similar feel to the original show, but with an extreme facelift. Audiences are going to be blown away by how cool it all is.

What was it like, working with hosts, Barney and Bradley Walsh? Any anecdotes to share?

They were both fantastic to work with and absolute pros at what they do. There were a lot of funny moments, and there was always banter flying around between them and us Gladiators. Though how much will be suitable for TV, I’m not sure…


Athena stood against a blue background, holding one arm above their head, and the other across their torso

Hometown: Warwickshire

Height: 5ft 4ins (162cm)

Bicep: 36cm

Key skill: Strength

Fact: Athena can lift 175kg – the same as 1875 tins of soup!

How would you describe Athena and what can audiences expect?

Athena’s name comes from the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. She’s very classy yet composed, quite stoic and carries herself in a regal manner. I like to outsmart the contenders and try to be one step ahead of them, but I’ll give them props if they beat me to something, that’s only fair!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

The main reason that I wanted to be a Gladiator is because it’s all about being a role model to the next generation and coming from a diverse minority background I’ve always dreamt of having a platform to inspire the next generation. What could be better than a sports entertainment programme like Gladiators? It’s iconic, so I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

What advice would you have for younger viewers who might look up to Athena?

I would say “I was once in your shoes”. Even if you come from humble beginnings, or if you feel like you don’t have the right support network, it doesn’t matter where you start in life, it matters where you finish, so keep going. I want the younger generation to be inspired and say ‘Athena broke barriers, she didn’t stick in the box, she always broke stigmas. She never let competing in a male dominated sport get to her especially within her culture.’ It’s important to be proud of what you stand for and of your identity, and to put your unique mark on something.

How would you sum up the new series?

Nostalgic is definitely a good word. Our outfits are in line with the original Gladiators but with a modern twist – I felt like Wonder Woman in mine. I would say dramatic, especially the Eliminator, you will not be disappointed. You will be on the edge of your seats, it’s definitely an adrenaline rush. It’s as enjoyable as ever and has dramatic moments. Even I had a few of those myself, which will make good TV.


Bionic stood against a red background, tensing one bicep and stretching their other arm out to the side

Hometown: Middlesborough

Height: 6ft 6ins (198cm)

Bicep: 48cm

Fact: Bionic can deadlift 300kg – that’s the same as lifting a 66 PS5 consoles

How would you describe Bionic and what can audiences expect?

Bionic is a machine. As soon as that game starts, he’s in the zone. he’s got to get the job done. As soon as that whistle goes, that’s it, he’s into competitive mode.

Which game plays most to your strengths and where would you say you should be most feared as an opponent?

Duel and Gauntlet. They require a lot of strength and power, but I think people will be surprised when they watch me on Collision. I’m more than just a big brute who will knock you off a podium….but I will do that too.

The new series combines a mix of brand new games alongside classic challenges. Which of the classic challenges were you most excited to be able to master?

I already knew that I’d be good at Duel. It was Gauntlet that I wanted to master. Whilst I’m really big and quite intimidating, you also need to be quick and good foot placement is important playing Gauntlet.

What did you think of the referees, Mark Clattenburg, Sonia Mkoloma and Lee Phillips? Did you have any memorable moments with them?

Me and Mark have a fun, love hate relationship because he’s a Newcastle lad and I’m from Middlesbrough and the whole football rivalry, especially with him being a former ref. We’re always messing about backstage.


Comet stood against a blue background, with one hand on their hip

 Hometown: Hertfordshire

Height: 5ft 8ins (172cm)

Key attributes: Flexibility, strength and being dynamic.

Fact: Comet loves to walk on her hands!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

Being a Gladiator is like being a real-life superhero, it’s every child’s dream to be a strong and powerful superhero. I am already in sport and fitness, so being a Gladiator encompasses everything that I am, and everything that I’ve worked towards, so it’s incredibly cool to be a Gladiator.

How would you describe Comet?

Comet is feminine; she is a perfectionist, very poised, and very elegant. She encompasses femininity and strength combined. She is always smiling, and friendly, but she’s not someone to be underestimated, because she has her strengths and the games she competes in she excels in.

What are some of your most memorable moments from filming?

The most memorable moment was the first time we came out onto the Arena floor and saw the crowd for the first time and showing them your character for the first time. That feeling is something that I will never forget.

What was it like, working with hosts, Barney and Bradley Walsh?

They are such professionals, which makes you feel so at ease, and means you felt comfortable chatting to them, and instantly felt calm around them if your nerves were playing up a bit. And where Bradley has so much experience of this industry, he was able to give out little tips here and there, and was the person to go to if you needed advice.


Diamond stood against a red background, with one hand on their hip

Hometown: Worcestershire

Height: 6ft (182cm)

Bicep: 36cm

Key attributes: Determination, power and her big heart.

Fact: Diamond can squat 120kg. That’s like standing up with a jaguar on your back!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

I’ve always wanted to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness, and encourage people to not hide away, and go for what you want. I was always the girl who played football with the boys and was seen as a bit of an outcast. I wanted to show younger girls that you can be a badass, but remain feminine and girly at the same time. So, in essence, I wanted to become a Gladiator to inspire, really… and to kick ass, obviously!

What are Diamond’s strongest character traits and physical strengths?

Her strength and her power, and she’s also incredibly quick too. Diamond, is unbreakable; she’s strong, powerful, and versatile.

How did it feel competing in the Utilita Arena Sheffield, in front of a live audience?

It was amazing to see and experience the support from the audience; the posters and the banners in the crowds was lovely to see, especially when you realise that its little kids holding up homemade banners – to see all that love and support was really just is incredible. We fed off the crowd when we performed. It didn’t matter whether the crowd was booing or cheering, the audience created the atmosphere that really brought out the best side of our Gladiators.

You can expect to see the classic foam fingers, you can expect to hear lots of chanting; those key elements that everyone loved in the previous 90s show definitely makes an appearance this time round, and I think the viewers are going to absolutely love that.

There was also a lot of love for Diamond, which was great to experience, but there was also the occasional boo. You’ll have to watch the show to find out why…

The expectations of your performance are huge – with the Gladiators seen as superhumans. Were you confident that you could deliver?

I feel like becoming a Gladiator is something I’ve been training for my whole life. From playing football when I was younger, through to swimming, and then going into bodybuilding. I feel like all of it has led me to this outcome of being a Gladiator. I do not think I would have had half the strength that I currently have if I hadn’t had all of my past experiences.


Dynamite stood against a red background, with both hands on their hips

Hometown: Manchester

Height: 5ft 5ins (165cm)

Bicep: 29.5cm

Fact: Dynamite can lift 160kg. That’s the same as 6.5 bags of cement in one go!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

As a young athlete I felt like it was an opportunity to inspire young girls and make them think, ‘oh, I can go to the gym, I can train and be just as strong’. I’ve done sport all my life, so I felt like it was giving me an opportunity to showcase my sporting talents and hopefully inspire others too.

Tell us about your character Dynamite – how would you describe them and what can audiences expect?

Dynamite is small but mighty. She’s the one that might be underestimated, because she doesn’t look very scary and is naturally quite shy, but don’t let that fool you, when she’s in a game, she’s going to win.

Of your fellow Gladiators, who would you least like to go up against and why?

I would say either Diamond or Sabre. Diamond could just pick me up and throw me onto the floor like it’s no problem and that’s scary. Then with Sabre, even though we’re nearly the same size, I feel like she’s got a very similar mindset to me. We both have that competitive mindset where we don’t want to lose, so that would be a scrap and a half. Luckily, I don’t have to fight them so it’s fine!

Tell us a little about the newer games that audiences can expect to see?

The Edge, that’s very cool. It’s so high up in the sky with a net underneath and you’re literally playing cat and mouse up on this maze, until the Gladiator pushes the contender off the Edge into the net. Collision, that’s a very fun one. I felt like a little kid on a playground. That’s where the Contenders run across the bridge and we swing in from the trapeze to knock them off. I loved just swinging at someone, it was so fun.


Electro stood against a blue background, with one hand on their hip, holding a baton in the other

Hometown: Essex

Height: 5ft 8ins (172cm)

Bicep: 32cm

Key attributes: Strength, Skill and Determination.

Fact: Electro can squat 100kg – that’s the same as standing up whilst carrying 12 watermelons

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

I wanted to become a Gladiator because throughout my fitness journey, I was inspired by watching other people be inspiring in sport. I believe it’s a good opportunity for the new generation to see people who potentially look like them, or who they can relate to and then get themselves into sport, wherever that may be, or just to realise that they can do things that they haven’t imagined before.

What are some of your most memorable moments from filming?

The last day was really special. We were all watching The Eliminator because, as Gladiators, we’re not involved in it – it’s a contender-only game. Everyone was screaming for the contenders! It just shows that, even though we are against them in the games, we actually do want them to do well. That was really cool. The Eliminator was always the best part of the day for me, I loved it.

The expectations on your performance level are huge as Gladiators are seen as superhuman. Were you confident that you could deliver?
Absolutely! We are all athletes in our own right. As the show went on, we all got to grips more with the games and we knew exactly what we needed to put in. I was confident in my abilities. I think it’s a lot to do with mindset as well and being able to know that you are an athlete – you can come into a situation which you can adapt to, you can change and be better in that situation. To have fun with it as well, which was a good thing for me. I’m very competitive when I’m in the game, but then out of the game I can have a joke and laugh about it. I don’t get too caught up on any losses.

How would you sum up the series in a few short words?

I would use the term ‘nostalgia’. This series reflects the original series, but in an amped up modern way. It gives that nod to the original series but while also being something completely different. I feel like the Gladiators all look very different to the original Gladiators line up in terms of representation and having different stories and different backgrounds.


Fire stood against a red background, with one hand on their hip, and the other reaching out to the camera

Hometown: London

Height: 5ft 10ins (177cm)

Arm length: 64cm

Key skill: Speed

Fact: Fire is one fast Gladiator. She can run 100m in 11.05 seconds

How would you describe Fire?

Fire is a fireball, a firecracker. She is a bundle of laughs and fierceness. She’s playful, fun but does not hold back or take any prisoners in gameplay. She will not go easy on you, but has lots of compassion. She has a heart of fire, and that burns strong, and that comes out in her personality but also in her gameplay, sportsmanship, and compassion for contenders. She is a crowd pleaser and loves the interaction with the audience and experience of Gladiators. She is a weapon.

What can people expect from the new series?

The show is going to be wild, the viewers at home can expect laughter, drama, and excitement and hopefully, they also can be inspired. I hope they are inspired by everyone and everything, including us, the contenders, the games, and the staging of the set.

I hope Gladiators will be what everyone remembers because it has the same feel as the 90’s show, just in 2024. You get the same the feeling you had when you heard the announcement ‘Gladiator’s Ready’ and the music come on, I hopefully the audience at home agree.

Of your fellow Gladiators, who would you least like to go up against and why?

That’s hard to say because it depends on what event it is, but I would probably say Fury. She’s used to contact sports and if she went through Gauntlet or Powerball, I’d be scared about holding her back.

I could take on any of the guy Gladiators, especially Legend, I could take him down easily!


Fury stood against a blue background, shouting at the camera with arms reaching out

Hometown: West Yorkshire

Height: 5ft 7ins (170cm)

Bicep: 34cm

Fact: Fury is the first ever deaf Gladiator and she describes it as her superpower.

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

The biggest reason is because my dad was a contender in a previous series, so Gladiators has been a big part of our family since I was little. I loved watching how physical the Gladiators were but then I also loved watching my dad go through the process as well, so he’s clearly been a massive influence and it’s pretty cool that I can do it too.

How would you sum up the new series in a few short words? What can people expect?

Savage. Exciting. Fresh. I think it’s cool because they’ve kept it very much like the original but then they’ve also added a really nice, modern twist on it. I think people will like that it’s not completely changed it or that we’ve tried to make it something that isn’t. We have just tried to expand on something that was already great.

Which game plays most to your strengths and where would you say you should be most feared as an opponent?

I absolutely loved The Ring. It is one of the new games and it is a dream come true for me. It plays to my strengths, as you get to tackle the contenders. All the contender has to do is run past me and touch the button in the middle. I’m used to people using footwork to literally step and try and get past me, but going up against the contenders, they were just going directly at me and as a tackler that’s easy.

How did it feel competing in the Utilita Arena Sheffield, in front of a live audience?

I am used to playing rugby in front of crowds, so I don’t feel nervous. In Sheffield the crowd and the atmosphere was just amazing, and I just took it all in and really appreciated how amazing everyone was. It was wild; the atmosphere, the noise, the foam fingers. Everyone was just buying into it. For one of the new games, The Edge, everyone got their phone torches out as it’s going up. It was unreal. Everyone seemed excited to be there and the energy in the stadium helped all of us Gladiators, we just fed off that and it made us feel good, and then we wanted to try and make everyone else feel good and have a good time.

I was especially touched because some deaf kids came to watch the show and they’d made banners, saying they were deaf too and wanted to be a Gladiator now because of Fury, and that made me feel really proud to represent the deaf community on such a cool show.


Giant stood against a red background, with their arms folded

Hometown: Derbyshire

Height: 6ft 5ins (195cm)

Bicep: 52cm

Fact: Giant eats over 10,000 calories a day.

What are your memories of the original show? Were you a fan of any particular original Gladiators?

Hunter was my favourite from a young age. That was because he came across as a genuine guy with a good sense of humour and was great at being a Gladiator… I think he was actually named the ultimate Gladiator by the end of the original series. My favourite female Gladiator was Panther. Fun fact for you; Panther and I became friends through a bodybuilding federation, which I did from my early 20s into my early 30s.

Of your fellow Gladiators who would you least like to go up against why?

Nitro: he’s a world class athlete who is extremely fast, powerful and explosive. Just because he’s smaller doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the strength and power to knock a big guy down. Steel has to be mentioned too, he’s an all-round beast. He’s very well rounded.

What are some of your most memorable moments from filming?

The weirdest moment for me was when I was competing on Duel. I was looking across at the contender, and just beyond his shoulder I spotted Saracen, one of the original Gladiators in the audience staring at me. I was like ‘Wow, this is pressure’. That was probably the most memorable moment in terms of audience interaction and just feeling like I had to prove myself. Plus, I had the feeling of responsibility because this show was so iconic because of the original Gladiators, and we want to make them proud.

What was it like working with Barney and Bradley Walsh?

It was fantastic to work with them; they are great people. They obviously have great chemistry, being a father and son duo, so their banter and humour is just going to make the show even better. They definitely add to the show in terms of entertainment factor and enjoyment.

Barney is also extremely flexible. I think to call him double-jointed would be an understatement… triple-jointed is more like it! He can make every part of his body crack. I think he cracks his neck and his shoulders and his elbows. Strange, but completely entertaining!


Legend stood against a red background, with their arms outstretched

Hometown: Surrey

Height: 6ft 1ins (185cm)

Bicep: 40cm

Fact: Legend can triple jump over 50 feet. That’s longer than a double decker bus!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?

Two reasons. Firstly, I thought I’d be really good at it… Secondly, it’s always been a life goal of mine. I watched the original Gladiators as a kid so, from the age of 9 or 10 years old, I wanted to be a Gladiator. It’s been a lifelong ambition, I guess.

How did it feel competing in the Utilita Arena Sheffield, in front of a live audience?

My dream scenario is performing in front of a crowd; the bigger the crowd the better, so that was awesome. It was amazing combining my two favourite things, which are ‘being good at stuff’ and ‘having people watch me being good at stuff’.

The crowd at the Arena was awesome, they were very interactive, and they all loved me. They all gave me pretty much consistently good feedback with a solid number of foam fingers and some intense chanting.

What was it like working with Barney and Bradley Walsh?

They were awesome; really great. Barney is a really nice guy and Bradley is such a professional. You can tell he’s been working in the industry for a long time as nothing phases him. He could just pull stuff out and be funny all the time – they were both really fun to work with.


Nitro stood against a blue background, pointing to the camera

Hometown: London

Height: 5ft 11ins (180cm)

Bicep: 44cm

Fact: Nitro can do a standing vertical jump of 42inches that’s higher than 10 drink cans

How would you describe Nitro and what can audiences expect?

Nitro is pure energy. He’s explosive by nature and he does everything with a smile on his face. Nitro’s there to bring the good vibes. He’s not shy. He’s bringing that energy for the contestants as well as for himself. The crowd fuels him, so if you give him energy, he gives you energy back. That’s what he is, one big ball of energy. He’s world class energy. He’s dancing and if he’s not dancing, then he’s performing, and if he’s not performing, then he’s taking someone down.

Which game plays most your strengths, and where would you say you should be most feared as an opponent?

It’s probably the Wall. That was something that people really got excited to see me on. The contenders start first, so they have an advantage, whereas in games like Duel, you’re starting at the same time. There’s something about the Wall that makes it unique because we’re disadvantaged, it’s more of a challenge and exciting for me. Anyone who came up against Nitro on the Wall was disappointed. I think there was only one guy who got away from me.

The other game is The Ring. Because I’m so fast, not many people are able to get past me With my speed I’m able to track people, it’s not necessarily about me having to bring you down, you’ve got to try and find a way past me. With my speed I’m able to track people, it’s not necessarily about me having to bring you down, you’ve got to try and find a way past me.

Of your fellow Gladiators, who would you least like to go up against and why?

I think the person I would least like to go up against would be Steel, because we’re both the nice ones. We’d just be too polite to each other, asking each other if we’re alright.


Phantom stood against a red background, pointing to the camera

Hometown: London

Height: 6ft 5ins (195cm)

Arm length: 76cm

Fact: Phantoms has the longest wingspan of all the Gladiators at 2 meters!

How would you sum up the new series? What can people expect?

Explosive, evolutionary, epic and unmissable. It’s something even I’m excited to watch and not just because I’m in it, but as a fan.

Tell us a bit more about Phantom. How would you describe him and what can audiences expect?

Phantom is a mysterious, elusive character that is a hybrid of all the Gladiators as well. I’m like a trump or Joker card, because if you think about all the things that I’m good at, everyone else has as their main strength. So, for example, Nitro is really fast, but I’m fast as well. Giant’s really big, and I’m big as well. You’ve got other factors like the strength of Bionic and Apollo, I’m as strong as them both. You’ve got Steel who’s like unbreakable, I’m unbreakable too. You’ve got the cheekiness of Legend, sometimes my cheekiness comes. You’ve got the bad boy Viper, sometimes my bad boy side comes out.

Which game plays most your strengths, and where would you say you should be most feared as an opponent?

Probably Duel. It’s one of the games that is one on one. You get up to the platform and just look straight in your opponent’s eyes. I’m one of those people who can stare and look right through you and be completely unfazed. I remember there was one contender in particular who was staring at me, and he started going crazy. I could just see his eyes wandering, and then he started slapping himself to hype himself up. Whereas I was just straight faced and unfazed. There was such a big difference between the two of us. I’ve got this ability to be focused and just execute when it’s time. Also, I’m rapid, and I won’t reveal my secrets, but if you watch me play Duel, you’ll see that I probably hit the contenders three times before they’ve even hit me once.

Of your fellow Gladiators, who would you least like to go up against and why?

Fire because we’re cut from the same cloth. If I lost to Fire, that would be game over for me.


Sabre crouching in front of a red background, with one leg outstretched to their side

Hometown: Dundee

Height: 5ft 7ins (170cm)

Bicep: 31cm

Fact: Sabre can deadlift 160kg – that’s heavier than a baby African elephant!

How would you describe Sabre?
Sabre is playful, athletic, energetic, but with a killer instinct! She loves to encourage a good game and see the contenders do well…. up to a certain point. But it’s her game to win and after playing with you for a while, she’ll take you down.

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?
It wasn’t that I set out to become a Gladiator – Gladiator life chose me.  I have always set out to be the best version of myself, whether that’s in health, fitness, as a representative to younger females. Ultimately, I did think I was waiting on something, I didn’t know it would be as amazing as Gladiators though!

The expectations on your performance level are huge – with the Gladiators seen as superhuman. Were you confident that you could deliver?
Deliver a world class athletic performance, on demand in front of millions of people, against someone I’ve never met and have no clue as to whether they would be an absolute machine or not? I had no doubt I could it!  I trust my body and I know what my ability is, based on 10 years of training. I trust my body to do what I ask it to do. I was just hoping my brain would engage… it did.

Did you watch the original Gladiators TV show?
I was a very little, hopeful girl and my mum and dad loved Gladiators. I would get my hair washed on a Saturday and sit down and my mum would brush and plait my hair while we all watched Gladiators. I remember Powerball, The Wall. I remember Jet and Lightning, and Nightshade. And I genuinely remember feeling that these women were superheroes; they were the female version of Superman and everyone loved them. I remember thinking that I didn’t think women were allowed to be sporty and into fitness and have muscles and win and be unapologetically athletic, and that’s what they were, these women were unapologetically athletic.

The men were huge too. Hunter was like my Ken doll but double the size. I remember thinking that they were the gods in the world and somehow the TV had found them, and it was doing a game show with them. But I was very, very inspired by the athletic women. And I remember thinking, if only that was possible for me.


Steel stood against a blue background, resting their chin on their hand

Hometown: Leicestershire

Height: 6ft (182cm)

Arm length: 67cm

Fact: Steel can lift 220kg. That’s the same as 3.5 washing machines!

Why did you want to become a Gladiator?
I watched the original series, and at that time, I was extremely overweight, very self-conscious and I didn’t really like how I looked. I remember looking at the Gladiators and thinking that they are absolute superheroes, so to even one day potentially look like them let alone actually become a Gladiator is like a dream come true. To have the opportunity to repay what the original series did for me to the kids and the people watching this new one is great.

How would you describe Steel?
Steel is Mr Nice Guy. He’s always smiling and very friendly, but when the game starts, he’s an absolute machine. If he loses then he’ll lose graciously and say ‘well done’ to the contenders, but he’s not going to lose very easily.

Of your fellow Gladiators, who would you least like to go up against and why?
I would least like to go against Nitro, he’s just ridiculously fast and powerful. You’re in for a tough ride with Nitro. If I had to pick one Gladiator to go up against in all the games, I think it would be Legend, just so I could beat him on everything.

How did it feel competing in the Utilita Arena Sheffield, in front of a live audience?
It was epic. Walking out, we had thousands of people shouting, there were ‘Steel’ banners all around the crowd. The parents and kids would go crazy, and it just summed up all the hard work that I’ve done in the gym over that last 15 years.  Every time we walked out into the Arena, I never took it for granted. You’ve got to make sure you’re living in the moment which I think it’s hard for people to do, but I made sure I did during the filming process. After walking out, the feeling I would get the moment after seeing the look on the kid’s faces, making eye contact with them, or signing one of their cards, is a feeling that will never be replaced.


Viper stood against a red background with their arms folded

Hometown: Surrey

Height: 6ft (182cm)

Bicep: 42cm

Key skill: Storming off!

Fact: Viper can bench press a massive 150kg – the same weight as an adult Panda!

Did you watch the original Gladiators TV show? Were  you a fan of any particular original Gladiators?
I liked Wolf. He was the baddie, and now I’m the baddie.

Tell us about your character Viper – how would you describe them and what can audiences expect?
Viper is mean, moody, sneaky and powerful.

What are some of your most memorable moments from filming?

What did you think of the referees, Mark Clattenburg, Sonia Mkoloma and Lee Phillips? Did you have any memorable moments with them?