In a recent court appearance, four individuals faced charges related to a robbery at a Co-op store situated in Leeds. The incident unfolded on Sunday, prompting a swift response from police officers who were summoned to the scene at Swarcliffe Avenue shortly after 7 am.

Following a series of investigations, authorities apprehended five men from a nearby location shortly after the reported incident. Among them, Paul Middleton, aged 46 and of no fixed address, Ashley Bates, aged 29 from Farndale View, Leeds, and 30-year-old Connor Cooper from Sherburn Square, Leeds, were all charged with robbery in connection to the incident that took place on the preceding day.

Notably, Cooper faced additional charges pertaining to a robbery at the same Co-op store on January 6, as well as theft from the same establishment on January 14. Bates, too, faced supplementary charges, including the possession of an offensive weapon linked to the recent robbery.

Charlie Rodgers, a 20-year-old resident of Southwood Gate, Leeds, found himself facing accusations of handling stolen goods. These charges spanned two incidents – one related to the recent Co-op robbery and another on January 6.

The legal proceedings unfolded at Leeds Magistrates Court, where all four men made appearances. Middleton, Bates, and Cooper were remanded in custody, while Rodgers was anticipated to receive a similar outcome.

It is noteworthy that a fifth individual was released without any charges pressed against them in connection to the Co-op store robbery.