Film4, Channel 4, Rogan Scotland, and Screen Scotland have joined forces to announce the commencement of production for the highly anticipated feature documentary, “The Secret Of Me” (working title). Dogwoof, the renowned distributor behind documentaries like “Blackfish” and “Free Solo,” will manage world sales and distribution for the film, commissioned by Film4 and Channel 4 Docs.

Under the direction and production of Grace Hughes-Hallett, known for her work on “Three Identical Strangers,” the documentary delves into a medical scandal originating in 1960s America that exploded into public consciousness in the 2000s, leaving devastating consequences for thousands of young children. For one student, the revelation would alter the course of her life forever, prompting an exploration of profound questions surrounding secrecy, consent, and identity.

“The Secret Of Me” (working title) unfolds the narrative as a college student begins her university journey, stumbling upon a life-altering secret her doctors and parents concealed throughout her existence. Her quest for the truth leads to a shocking experiment on identical twins and an unsettling deception.

Director, Grace Hughes-Hallett comments: “I’m very excited to help our contributors tell this extraordinary story – and to weave it into a film I hope will leave audiences with their jaws on the floor and a newfound understanding of a subject that deserves all of our attention.”

Ben Coren, Head of Development at Film4 and Sacha Mirzoeff, Senior Commissioner Documentaries at Channel 4 comment: “The Secret Of Me (w/t) uncovers a medical scandal that had devastating implications for many people. It’s incredibly important to shine a light on these traumatic events and we’re sure audiences will be gripped by this documentary directed by Grace Hughes-Hallett.”

James Rogan, Creative Director at Rogan Productions and Rogan Scotland said: “We are delighted to be working with Grace Hughes-Hallett on her first feature documentary as director, and to be partnering with Film4 and Screen Scotland. From the moment Grace first told us the story at Rogan Scotland, we knew it would make an extraordinary cinematic experience. It’s such a shocking and moving tale of a medical scandal and individual identity.”

Mark Thomas at Screen Scotland comments: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Film4, Channel 4 and Rogan Scotland on Grace Hughes-Hallett’s new feature documentary. The Secret Of Me (w/t) is a highly compelling and deeply moving story of truth, tragic deception, and identity that we are sure will resonate strongly with audiences. The film demonstrates the scale and creative ambition of premium theatrical feature documentaries that are being made and supported in Scotland.”