In a bid to ensure a secure environment for those revelling in a night out in Huddersfield this year, law enforcement authorities have executed multiple arrests and disrupted criminal activities. The Huddersfield Town Centre Team officers have indicated that additional initiatives are in the works following a weekend of conspicuous patrolling and operations in the town.

During the recent Friday and Saturday, police maintained a heightened presence in the town centre, resulting in the apprehension of four males for offences ranging from drunk and disorderly behaviour to hate-related public incidents. Furthermore, the authorities took action against a motorist observed committing driving offences, addressed vehicles parked hazardously, and carried out patrols at the bus station.

Several youths were detained and searched based on reports of potential criminal offences. Additionally, intelligence reports highlighting various criminal activities in the town centre were documented for subsequent investigation.

This operation represents the latest in a series of increased visibility patrols implemented throughout the autumn and winter seasons in Huddersfield, aimed at deterring criminal activities. Officers have consistently conducted checks in bars and clubs, alongside deploying drug-sniffing dogs in the night-time economy area.

Recent patrols have aligned with the force’s ‘Walk Away’ campaign, designed to prevent fatalities and severe injuries resulting from assaults during night outs. The campaign advocates for self-control, support from friends, and encourages individuals, especially men, to disengage from heated situations before they escalate into violence. It also calls upon friends, bystanders, and the public to de-escalate situations when it is safe to do so.

Inspector Mark Pattinson of the Huddersfield Town Centre Team, said: “A significant amount of work has been ongoing to provide extra high visibility policing in Huddersfield town centre to reassure both residents using and businesses in the night time economy.

“We have had a really good response to these extra patrols from the public and from businesses and partners who have appreciated the increased support and visibility.

“We are continuing to work hard with them to make a Huddersfield town centre a safer place for people to enjoy their evenings.

“We continue to encourage anyone who does need support while using the night-time economy, for whatever reason, to speak with an officer or street marshal.”

For further details about the ‘Walk Away’ campaign, interested parties can visit West Yorkshire Police’s official website.