CBeebies is set to captivate children and families across the UK with a fresh array of programmes featuring new friends and the much-anticipated return of some beloved characters.

Joining the CBeebies roster this month are ‘Vida the Vet’ and ‘Lu & The Bally Bunch,’ alongside the highly awaited comeback of “Vegesaurs” and “Andy’s Global Adventures,” all set to premiere on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

In the animated series “Vida the Vet,” viewers will meet 10-year-old Vida, residing with her parents, Papa and Dad, and her faithful hamster, Popcorn. Together, Vida and Popcorn embark on magical adventures through a door at the edge of their garden, entering the lively community of Sweetwood. Here, Vida, assisted by Popcorn, provides care to the resident animals and creatures.

Another exciting addition is the new animated series “Lu & The Bally Bunch,” which follows the adventures of Lu, a three-and-a-half-year-old ladybird navigating the challenges of pre-school and her budding social life. Alongside her six new friends, Lu delves into playful escapades, music, and a rollercoaster of emotions, offering a delightful glimpse into the bustling world of these adorable tots as they learn to navigate friendships.

In the second series of “Andy’s Global Adventures,” Andy and Scout journey around the world in their eco-friendly explorer, uncovering mysteries of nature—from mountain gorillas in Uganda’s forests to a hidden colony of Humboldt penguins in Peru’s desert. The series promises to engage young minds and discover fascinating animal behaviors.

The excitement continues with the return of “Vegesaurs” for its second series! Follow Ginger, the young Tricarrotops, and her charming Pea Rex friends as they embark on enchanting adventures, sparking young imaginations.

Kate Morton, Senior Head of Children’s Commissioning says: “Pre-schoolers can start the new year making new friends on CBeebies as we kick off the year with a fantastic range of content for our young children and families across the UK. Animated shows like Vida the Vet and Lu & the Bally Bunch, along with returning hits Vegesaurs and Andy’s Global Adventures, promise a treat for kids and parents alike!”

Episode 1 of “Vegesaurs” is scheduled for release on 22 January on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

Episode 1 of “Andy’s Global Adventures” series 2 will be available on 15 January on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

Episode 1 of “Lu & the Bally Bunch” will be accessible on 29 January on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

Episode 1 of “Vida the Vet” will premiere on 15 January on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.