The eagerly anticipated return of the widely popular BBC podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too, is set to grace BBC Sounds this week, promising its audience more riveting discussions on intimacy and a star-studded lineup of entertaining guests.

The dynamic duo, comprising the irrepressible Poppy Jay and the effervescent Rubina Pabani, are set to push the boundaries even further in the latest instalment of their award-winning podcast, slated for launch on Friday, 26th January.

In the inaugural episode, Poppy shares the intricacies of her ‘sexcapades,’ while Rubina delves into the realms of marital ‘bliss’ within the bedroom. The ever-popular ‘Shagony Aunts’ also make a triumphant return, offering their sage advice on some of the juiciest dilemmas presented to them.

This extended 20-part series promises candid and bold conversations with notable figures such as activist and actress Jameela Jamil, self-proclaimed feminist-in-progress, and author and screenwriter Deborah Frances-White.

The upcoming second episode, available on BBC Sounds from Friday, 2nd February, features Jameela Jamil exploring the concept of being a ‘girl’s girl’ versus a ‘pick me’ girl.

She also shared the complexity of wanting to please men in her younger years and not complaining to protect the male ego: “One thing I’d tell my younger self is to give notes, I haven’t had bad sex in 10 years”.

Looking ahead to the podcast, Poppy said: “Like every decent franchise we are back, we are bigger and this time around, we have white people. Yes, we opened the doors and now… we are letting anyone in. Still spotlighting amazing brown female voices but this time we thought we’d extend the invitation to everyone and anyone with something fascinating to say. Expect massive guests, lots of our usual filth and a lot of cackling.”