In an exciting revelation today, the BBC has offered an initial glimpse into the highly anticipated crime drama “The Jetty,” featuring Jenna Coleman of “Doctor Who,” “The Cry,” and “The Serpent” fame. The series, brought to life by writer Cat Jones and produced by Firebird Pictures, is slated for release on both BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Jenna Coleman, says: “Working with the BBC and Firebird Pictures on bringing the complex and enigmatic character of Ember Manning to life has been an incredible experience. I can’t wait for everyone to meet this new heroine and to find out what’s lurking beneath the surface of The Jetty.”

Coleman takes on the role of rookie detective Ember Manning, joined by a stellar cast including Archie Renaux, Laura Marcus, Bo Bragason, Amelia Bullmore, Ruby Stokes, Tom Glynn-Carney, Weruche Opia, Matthew McNulty, Ralph Ineson, David Ajala, Nina Barker-Francis, Miya Ocego, Elliot Cowan, Shannon Watson, Arthur Hughes, Dominic Coleman, and Ruaridh Mollica.

The four-part series unfolds as a fire devastates a holiday home in the picturesque Lancashire lake town. Ember Manning must navigate the intricacies linking the incident to a podcast journalist probing a cold case of missing persons and an illicit ‘love’ triangle involving a man in his twenties and two underage girls.

As Ember inches closer to the truth, her pursuit threatens to dismantle her life, compelling her to reassess everything she believed about her past, present, and the town she calls home.

“The Jetty” transcends the conventional detective thriller, incorporating elements of a coming-of-age story. It poses profound questions about sexual morality, identity, and memory, delving into the realms overlooked by the Me Too movement.

Produced by Firebird Pictures, a BBC Studios-owned production label, and created by Cat Jones, “The Jetty” boasts Marialy Rivas as the director. Executive producers include Elizabeth Kilgarriff, Sarah Wyatt, Cat Jones, Marialy Rivas, Jenna Coleman, and Jo McClellan for the BBC. Filming has concluded, and the series is anticipated to premiere in 2024 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. BBC Studios will handle international distribution.